There are a lot of good movies to expect coming up this year of 2020. All of them will be released in the movie theaters to the people of the world. 

Sonic the Hedge Hog

Sonic the Hedge Hog is a popular movie coming up this year because of the video game Franchise made by Sega. This movie originally had a different design for sonic but due to criticism they changed it. Directed by Jeff Fowler, it’s a movie about a blue hedge hog named sonic trying to navigate the complexities of life on Earth with his newfound best friend — a human named Tom Wachowski. They must soon join forces to prevent the evil Dr. Robotnik from capturing Sonic and using his powers for world domination.

 With a budget of 95 million they have brought up a pretty surprising cast. The main two roles are Dr. Ivo Robotnik and Sonic the Hedgehog played by Jim Carrey and Ben Schwartz. Furthermore, This movie originally had a different design for sonic but due to criticism they changed. On twitter Mike Jeavons (@TheOnlyMikeJ) complains “The thing bothering me most about Sonic isn’t the separate eyeballs or the white chest or the weird legs… it’s that he has individual teeth.” Hokage darkwing (@deedubbaya) also criticizes “i think this is just me but i think. that sonic would have looked LESS scary with improbably angry real hedgehog teeth.”

The amount of hate this movie received was horrendous. Moreover they had to cancel the whole movie premiere to go back and reanimate Sonic. It cost 4 million dollars to redo Sonic to get his normal look back. Overall, the result of this mistake has cost the movie millions of dollars and months to fix him.




Sponge on the Run

Another great movie coming up this year is Sponge on the Run because of the cartoon Spongebob. Spongebob’s pet snail (Gary) has gone missing. Directed by Tim Hill, SpongeBob and Patrick travel to the lost city of Atlantic City to figure out the mysterious kidnapping of Gary the snail. They soon after prove that there’s nothing stronger than the power of friendship as they encounter danger and delight at every turn. 

The movies budget right now is still unknown to the public. Furthermore, the cast incudes, Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick,  Rodger Bumpass as Squidward Tentacles, and Tom Kenny as Spongebob. The animation in this movie is very different to what people expected it to look like. This movie doesn’t have the same feel it’s 3D and more vibrant unlike the T.V show.     

Godzilla Vs. King Kong

Godzilla Vs. King Kong is an iconic movie coming out this year containing both the giants Godzilla and King Kong. Distributed by Warner Bros, This movie is about the fearsome monsters Godzilla and King Kong fighting an epic battle for the ages, while humanity looks to kill both of the creatures and take back the planet once and for all. Furthermore, the cast contains main actors, Milly Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison, Alexander Skarsgard, and Kyle Chandler

The runtime for this movie is 1 hour 37 min. Moreover, the music in this movie was composed by Michael Giacchino and is directed by Adam Wingard. Also in October 2015, Legendary confirmed that they would combine Godzilla and King Kong which was originally said to be released May of 2020, but got rescheduled. There is no specific reason why this happened it just did.