PC vs. Console Which is Better



The battle involving PCs and Consoles has gone on long enoughPCs are 10 times better than consoles”-Two forums posters. “PCs pale in comparison to consoles”-YouTube Comment  . Both consoles and PCs have their differences but now it’s time for you, the reader, to determine which is best.

Most Consoles (ps4/xbox), costs about $300, so if you don’t want to spend much money, want a perfectly fine piece of hardware, and want to keep it simple,then you could buy a Console. Consoles have exclusive games, for example, the PS4 has such classics as: God Of War(4), Last of Us, and Little Big Planet. You can also run games pretty well with little crashes(unless the game itself is unstable). Even though you have to pay for online, there will be less hackers in the games you play. Less stuff like aim-bot, auto-play instant death, spawning good weapons, stuff like that overall console keeps it nice and simple.

That was a lot about consoles, what about PCs? The PC has more games, it probably has more games than the PS4 and Xbox combined. And if you don’t like using the standard

keyboard on games, you can just switch to PC, as more controllers are supported on the PC. You can have the goodness of the dual-shock 4, on the PC, which has a wider variety of games. Also, you can store more games on the PC, too. So if you’re a guy/girl who likes a lot of games without having to archive or something, then get a PC. Also if you’re playing online, you don’t have to pay for it, so you can play with your buds online for free. Also, if you get Steam, then you get some games on it for free.(TF2, Injustice etc). Even though these games aren’t the best ever, they’re still fun for being free. Also if you built your PC, then whenever there’s a problem with it, you can fix it if you know what your doing.


Listen to some of these things that might make you think twice about console. On consoles, you can’t just play online with friends, instead you have to pay for an online membership. Although some games don’t require a subscription most do. The console already cost you $400, but now you have to pay $20-$60 a year to play online. Also if you’re one of those people who like a bunch of games, there’s less storage on consoles than pc, so you have to archive some games you poured hours into, only having to install it again if you want to play it. OR you could just delete your precious game you spent money on. But at least you get a refund, (Except on Switch) so, yeah. If your console is broken or there’s something wrong with it, then you have to find out what’s wrong. And finding out what’s wrong sucks, because then you have to call the company and they fix it, or fix it yourself, which is very difficult and is taking a massive risk 

PCs have some bad parts as well. Setting up/building a PC is a hassle. Setting up a PC is hard because you have to connect all the components and download specific drivers press the on button plug it in, that’s it. Also if you want to build your PC, you have to, well, build a PC. Also another reason you might not want to buy a PC is that there are no exclusive games, so if you don’t like the things already said, there’s not much reason to buy or build one. Also a PC isn’t that portable, if you want to bring it somewhere, then you can’t, because it most likely won’t fit and if it does it will probably break in      your suitcase.(If it fits)

Now that you’ve listened to these facts, you could tell which is better. PC’s and consoles are good all around” -Ken Williams.You have to decide.Now it’s time for you, the reader, to decide which is best.