The Best Spring Break Location


Imagine you are swimming in the most beautiful ocean ever. The water temperature is perfect. You can see the fish swimming around your toes, then, when you go to dry off you are eating the most perfect dessert ever. It is all perfect. Sadly, you’re not there. But you can be, if you fly 14 hours to Sicily, Italy!

As you can see in the picture, Sicily is paradise. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Even though spring break is the time when you see family, why would you pass up the opportunity to visit “paradise island”-Trip Adviser. An average plane ticket would cost $6,200 for 2 adults and 2 children round trip in economy. That sounds expensive, but taking into account where you’re going and it’s a long flight, it’s a good deal. The hotels are nice and affordable. The average cost for a hotel room is $80 and if it doesn’t have a pool it’s probably on the beach. Fun fact: Lady Gaga is Sicilian!

Now that the numbers are discussed, let’s talk about activities. The possibilities are endless. Are you an opera fan, or do you want to learn more languages? If so, you’re in for a treat. Sicily is home to the biggest opera house, and they speak many languages. If you don’t like the opera it’s fine, there are plenty of other things to do. You can go on bike tours, walks in gardens, experience the beautiful beaches, go see the ruins, get coffee, go on tours, sail a sailboat, and our personal favorite, food tours. The food walking tours cost about $50 and you get to go on a tour eating Italian food and at the end, you can have a cannoli. A cannoli is a crunchy, creamy, and sweet pastry invented in–guess what–Sicily, Italy. Also if you don’t want to be too touristy, then you can participate in cultural events. These cultural events could be something like the running of the bulls or sand art. Even eating ice cream for breakfast is a tradition.

If you don’t like the beach, it’s fine. Sicily has something for everyone, like mountains. There are some snowy mountains, cold but not snowy mountains, and active volcanoes. One of the active volcanoes–that is very famous–is Mount Etna. Mount Etna is an active volcano that you could possibly hike up. Yes, you heard me right, you can walk up an active volcano. 

If you like the snow, there is a village on a mountain that sometimes snows during the spring.


You’ve read about the prices, the mountains, and the activities, but let’s talk more about the beach. The beach is outstanding. They’ve got beaches from white sand to volcanic sand, clear water to green water. White wash waves to no waves at all. The possibilities for the beach types are endless. 

This article’s purpose was to make sure you  know about the hidden beauty of Italy. Sicily is basically the definition of a perfect paradise, in our opinion. You may choose if you like it or not. Sicily goes from the warm beaches to chilly mountains. In all, this article’s purpose was to make sure the school doesn’t miss out on an epic vacation. 

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