Phishing attacks!


Phishing,  what’s phishing? Phishing is a type of scam that can easily be made or been sent. A lot of people use apps that are used a lot to get you interested, one trick to avoid this is to see if this is really believable or if it is too good to be true. This article will tell you how to notice phishing scams, what phishing is, and examples of phishing. 

You may be wondering why? Why do people phish? Well a lot of people do it for money, to get revenge, or if organizations aren’t doing well. People do this by creating an email or message, with a link to a questionnaire or a virus.  You should also know that anything can be fake. 

Although anything can be fake, there are many ways to avoid phishing, like…


  • Generic greeting 


A generic greeting is when someone says hi without saying your actual name. 


  • Forged link 


When a phisher doesn’t want someone to see the link they put in the message they turn it into their own link. 


  • Requests personal information 


A phisher usually wants personal information when they phish, so if they ask for any personal information, don’t click on the link. 


  • Sense of urgency 


The phisher will most likely make you feel that you will miss out on something if you don’t click on the link. 


  • Spelling and grammar mistakes


The phisher won’t care if they make any mistakes, they just want at least one person to click on the link. 


We sent some fake phishing emails to some people, as an experiment. We sent it to our teacher, Mr. Hart and our friend/student, Juliet. Mr. Hart said, “I feel violated” Juliet said,”I feel mad and upset that people out there on the internet scam others.” 

Here are some examples of phishing scams that we made…

To: LuCkYY Winnnnnner

Subject: Ca$h

Dear Lucky winer

Congrats you lucky Winer!!!!!!!!!!! Yo jjusts wonx 1,000 dollars to make sure that this offer stays click the link down below! Good luCk! (you’ll need it)

This phishing scam could fool someone very easily if sent around, luckily this phishing email was not sent around. 

To: InstaGRAM lover

Subject: Get a Upgrade

Deer OuR best costomer,

We have seen that you LOVE!!!!!!! INstaGRam and we do too. So we have come to YOU to see if you WAnT a upgrade. It will give you a EXCULZIVE experience. Just click our link and it will take you straight there, you just have to tipe in some questions to get it.


Just like the other phishing email this email has many spelling mistakes, a generic greeting, and sense of urgency. 


One more thing about phishing is that they are usually very short, for example this phishing email could take your credit card info if it was ever sent out to people. 


Dear Netflix superstar,                               

          Unfortunately we have been having trouble wth yr biling info so yo going t0 have to sign in again hre-Sign in 


This is a great example of a phishing scam that could get someone to click on that link. The phishing email is very short and has an effect on people that could make people want to believe it is true when it’s not. 

Another Example of a phishing scam is called spear phishing. Spear phishing is when a phisher targets a certain person. Spear phishing isn’t better than regular phishing but it is still important to know what it is. People spear phish to get revenge or to get money from a specific  person. Some people may also do it, because they know the person is gullible and will fall for it.