Dustin Brown and how he helps the Community


Dustin Brown is an American hockey player for the Los Angeles Kings he helped the community in many ways over time between 2010-2019. Born November 4, 1984, in New York, he is a very grateful person, he donated a lot of money to the Children’s Hospital and he’s saving many lives. As a professional sports player, Dustin Brown earns a lot of money so he was able to give lots of money to the hospital.

Dustin Brown has helped kids in the Children’s Hospital, who have cancer and other really bad diseases. He has helped by donating money to the Children’s Hospital and going to the Children’s Hospital to sign autographs and in this picture, he brought the Stanley Cup for this little girl. Dustin Brown and his team helped with Start with Hello, Dustin Brown tries his hardest to help many people to help a lot of people.

Dustin Brown and his team came to our school and helped us with Start with Hello. Dustin Brown is super-supportive to our school. Brown received the 2011 NHL Foundation Player Award for his extensive charity work in the Los Angeles community. Kings, Dustin Brown, is a hero and not just because of the hundred-plus goals he has scored in his NHL career.


 Dustin Brown gets his hands dirty and puts in the time making a difference. Every Kings player donated 40,000 dollars to a charity! These men have put effort into this children’s hospital and saved many lives.In terms of doing charity work, I try to do whatever I can,” said Brown.

“Donating money is great, but when you can make a personal impact on someone’s life. That’s probably the best feeling you can have.”Six-year-old Will McLeod of Valley Village is currently in remission after three years of treatment for acute lymphatic leukemia. Dustin Brown is Will’s hero. He even sports a Kings jersey with Brown’s name on the back, so when the Make a Wish Foundation offered Will a wish he requested to meet Dustin Brown.  

Children are at the forefront of many of Brown’s charitable efforts because after his son Mason was born prematurely his eyes were opened to the woes of having sick kids. 

Modestly, Brown admitted that he intended to donate $50 from each of his goals during his rookie year to charity but he finished the year with three goals so he decided to pledge on a per-hit basis instead. The reason he only scored three goals was from an injury early in the season. Though Dustin Brown play’s hockey he makes impacts on people’s lives away from hockey, he does this because he wants to help people who didn’t get the same life as most people do, and make their life even better.