Trends of 2019 YOU

Trends of 2019 YOU

A recent trend that popped up in the media, VSCO girls are taking the world by storm, but there aren’t just VSCO girls.., most of the trends included in this article originated on TikTok, an app growing very quickly in popularity. 

Most VSCO girls own Puka Shell necklaces and Carmex chapstick. You’re not a VSCO girl unless you have oversized t-shirts and a messy bun! They wear Birkenstocks,  Vans, and Crocs. VSCOs love taking aesthetic photos with their polaroid cameras. “I love being a VSCO girl! I get to save the turtles, drink from my metal straw, wear messy buns and more!” – Ella Mullins

‘VSCO’ girls are known for wearing/having scrunchies, Hydroflasks, and saying, “  and oop- sksksksk.” all the time. They like to hang out in trampolines with fairy lights, with snacks. VSCO girls came from the app VSCO earning their name.  Although they gained their popularity on TikTok, an app where all girls thrive, there are many people who dislike these girls a lot, like e-girls.

One defining trait about 2019 e-girls is that you don’t see eye to eye with VSCO girls.  You wear clothing inspired by goth or punk clothing, so that means a lot of black. Most e-girls also have colored hair, and minimalistic make-up, subtle blush, and eyeshadow, with little hearts under the cheeks.  E-girls don’t have any weird slang, but they do seem to have a thing for LED lights.

Soft girls are another type these “girls”. You’ll most likely catch them saying things like “yeet”, “skirt skirttt”, “ yikes”, and quoting Ariana Grande. They’re aesthetic, and overall following originated on Tumblr. 

They usually include things like the Powerpuff Girls, Ariana Grande references, peaches, angels, bread, hearts, roses, flowers, and anything in that sort of style in drawings, edited pictures..etc.

Soft girls coined their name by what they wore. They wore anything listed in the last paragraph, and more. Most soft girls wear things that came straight out of the 90’s, but in a pastel color scheme. Windbreakers, bomber jackets, over-sized sweaters, butterfly clips, but all in very soft colors, earning the name, soft girl.

There is a question that must be answered; how tall is Peppa Pig? Peppa Pig is a kids cartoon that many people have watched when they were younger. A twitter user named @Memeulos claimed that Peppa pig was 7’1. That sparked a whole chain of memes, and then Peppa peaked. 

Peppa being 7’1 isn’t the only thing that’s made her famous once again, she also is in chocolate.  About four weeks ago Ryan’s Toys and Games (a YouTuber) bought a chocolate egg called a kinder surprise egg. He opened it up to find a plastic figure of Peppa. Ryan started to yell “Peppa what are you doing in my chocolate!”

Tiktok is a social media app where you can dance, act, or lip sync to your favorite songs. It used to be till about a year ago when ByteDance bought and decided that TikTok would be an app where kids could go on and talk to their friends and watch videos of them. was for lip-syncing not dancing so he changed the name and started the app over.  

Recently, musicals have also been a trend. People have been doing dances and sounds to different musical songs on TikTok. Some songs including Big Fun from Heathers, Say My Name from Beetlejuice, and other songs from Beetlejuice, Heathers, Mean Girls, and Legally Blonde.