What happens if you litter?


    Why do people litter? Well, we don’t exactly know why, but what we do know is what will happen if people continue to do it.  Littering has become a habit and its part of people’s everyday lives. For example, think of Texas. Think of 2 times the size of Texas, that’s about how much litter is in our ocean right now!

   Littering can also be gross and polluted. It also contains diseases that can be passed onto animals that eat the plant or the animal.   Littering also causes visual pollution. The presence of litter makes a place unclean and hence unpleasant to the eyes.

           There are many dangerous effects of littering, but here is one important one, when litter is composed of a flammable material it can make small sparks, which can cause a forest fire. Some other facts about littering are 1. Several items of litter like discarded vehicle types can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and 2. Trash with sharp objects, toxic chemicals, and other discarded objects can cause physical harm to humans.  We decided to interview a couple of people from Mr. Hart’s class. 

   The first person we interviewed was Elle P. We asked her “Do you pick up your trash after lunch?” she said, “Most of the time, but sometimes I forget.” Simone kept an eye on Elle during lunch and snack and she saw Elle only pick up her trash on Wednesday and Thursday.  We also interviewed Mr. Hart. We asked him “If you were walking in the hallway and you saw a piece of trash would you pick it up?” he replied, “Yes, I would .” The final person that we interviewed was Vikrant. He said, “ On peer pressure, I would because it would look cool if it was a stray piece of trash.” “Even if it is my trash I still would pick it up.” 

We took a survey, and we asked do you think littering is killing the Earth? 64.3% said yes, and 14.3% said maybe. We also asked another question, “If one of your friends left a piece of trash on the lunch table would you pick it up?” 42.9% said yes, and 32.1% said maybe.  

        When we have school assemblies about how we should stop littering, students don’t understand how important it is to pick up their trash. If people would actually listen and stop littering we would be in a whole new world today! Because of us, there are a ton of ocean animals getting seriously injured, or even dying. It’s not just the earth and the animals we’re talking about here, it’s also us! Littering is dangerous in many ways. All of the trash we are leaving on the streets pollutes the air that we’re breathing right now! All of the dirty air that we are breathing in, can cause us to get sick. So stop littering right now!!!!