Mira Costa vs Redondo Union

Which School is Right for YOU?

Mira Costa vs Redondo Union


“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” – Oprah Winfrey.


When we go to high school, we’ll have to make a decision: What school do we want to go to? Mira Costa or Redondo Union? 


 Big Decision


Many kids in Hermosa have the dilemma of not knowing which school is better for them, it’s a big decision. A lot of decisions are based on parents, siblings, friends, or sports teams, but which school should YOU go to?  Which school is right for YOU?


Here in Hermosa Beach, there are two high schools we get to choose from: Mira Costa and Redondo Union. We did a survey in which we asked our classmates which high school they want to go to: 43.5% chose Mira Costa, 30.4% chose Redondo Union, and 21.7% chose “I don’t know yet.” 


Many things may factor your decision, academics, sports, friends, family members, etc.  Which of these is most important to you?


Mira Costa 


Mira Costa High School is located in Manhattan Beach on 1401 Artesia Boulevard.  The highschool is very focused on sports and academics. 

It is a bit more challenging, but in the long run, that is very helpful in preparing students for college.  Mira Costa is a place for well-rounded students.

Mira Costa High School’s student-teacher ratio of 26:1 has remained the same throughout five years. The diversity score of Mira Costa High School is 0.60, whereas the state average diversity score of 0.41 


Redondo Union 


Redondo Union has the largest campus in the state of California.  The school’s priority is the diversity of the students.


Redondo Union is located right in the middle of Redondo Beach.  The campus is on 1 Sea Hawk Way.


Redondo Union has a student-teacher ratio of 26.1. The diversity score of Redondo Union High School is 0.71, whereas the stave average diversity score is 0.41.




We did an online search on reviews for Mira Costa and Redondo Union.


A positive review for Mira Costa came from a user whose username is Olie.  In the review Olie reported, “This is one of the top-performing schools in the state, both in academics and athletics. Costa is working hard on building a more inclusive culture.”


A negative review for Mira Costa came from a user whose username is Noah G. Noah reported, “I love this high school, it’s been a great experience, but there are some serious problems with the administration and some of the choices they have made, I’ll leave it at that. However, as far as the education goes it is a superb school.”


A positive review for Redondo Union came from a user whose username is Giovanni V.  Giovanni V. reported, “I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this school, I have a step brother/ Realest brother ever, that currently attends. His name you might ask? Oh, it’s none other than the wonderful Justin. He says the staff and students are just delightful. Honestly would love to visit this school on my days away from my home country of Norway. Thank you.”


A negative review came from a user whose username is Mark V.  Mark V. reported, “seem to be incapable of enforcing truancy laws.”


Making a Decision


Each school is unique and great for different things, still, we have to choose.


Choosing what high school you want to go to is difficult.  One school isn’t necessarily better than the other, but one school is better for you.  

Of course, you don’t have to go where this article says you should, but hopefully, this article will make your decision just that much easier.  It is YOUR decision that YOU have to make. Even if you don’t even end up going to Mira Costa or Redondo, we hope that you learned something new from this article.

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