Peppa Pig is a trend in 2019

Over the past month, Peppa Pig voiced by Harley Bird. Peppa has become very trendy and popular. Peppa Pig is a cartoon TV show about a pig in a dress. Her family is also pigs. They are named, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, and Little Brother George.

There are many reasons why Peppa Pig became “trendy.”One reason was because of TikTok. The first trend was called, “Peppa what are you doing in my chocolate!” After people saw this they started doing some videos that would say, “Peppa what are you doing in my Hydro Flask!” Later on, VSCO became a “trend.” People decided to make a VSCO Peppa. Now it’s all over the internet, especially TikTok. After that, Steph Inc. started making Peppa Pig edits on YouTube. He gained over 130k subscribers in 3 days. After the edits, many people also started making edits so now that’s why she is all over the internet.

Peppa Pig is voiced by Harley Bird for 12 years and is the third voice actor. After videos on TikTok and YouTube, she became famous. Peppa Pig first became famous from YouTube edits and TikTok memes. Peppa Pig went viral on YouTube and TikTok and she is now is very trendy and popular with the community.

Peppa Pig was originally just a fun educational TV show for children but now is popular, lots of older people watch it. Harley Bird said, “For Peppa, Peppa has to have a four-year-old voice, so from my normal voice its a bit hard to change,” Harley Bird claims.

Harley Bird is now 17 and still plays the voice for Peppa! She was born in 2001 in England. Peppa Pig was presented by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. There is a Peppa Pig amusement park in London called Peppa Pig Land. Instead of saying Peppa, the other cast members said, “Pepper”. The sixth season will be airing on February 5, 2019, in the United Kingdom. Peppa Pig has been voiced by three different people.
In 2014 the British royal mail announced that some of the public’s favorite children’s T.V. characters would appear on mail stamps. Peppa was on one herself jumping in her muddy puddles. One of the Peppa Pig episodes called “Mister Skinny Legs” was banned in Australia because Daddy Pig claimed that Spiders do no harm and can’t really hurt you. However, fears of spider bites so children aren’t sure they should become friends with an eight-legged spider. ABC News Australia calls this, “ Unsuitable to Broadcast”

Did you know Mrs. Rabbit had so many jobs, in one of the episodes she got to meet the Queen! Daddy Pig also has a complicated job, he’s a structural engineer. He talks about his job in the episode when Peppa goes Molly moles house. Daddy pig and Mr. Mole were talking about how they were building their house. Daddy pig talked about adding medal` in the dirt above them but Mr. Mole explains how the dirt can hold itself up. Peppa talks in a different episode about how Daddy Pig works in an office all day with coloring pens, a phone, and a stack of papers. Peppa and George love going to his office. It’s like a kids paradise.