Skateboarding Has Been Taken to New Heights


This hoverboard is the first one of its kind that doesn’t look like a weird piece of metal with wires everywhere. It has a nice slick design and is 10,000 dollars. You can’t even buy one on Amazon.  We believe that the hoverboard is not in stock yet so, we will have to wait until the news or when one of the companies we will mention it, we can never buy it.

The creator of the Lexus hoverboard is the company, SLIDE. With the help of Toyota, SLIDE made the Lexus hoverboard! In 2015, in Spain, SLIDE had a custom skate park made for professional skateboarders to test the hoverboard. The hoverboard was actually built- in Germany, 2014.


SLIDE built the Lexus hoverboard from their passion for enjoyment out of motion. The hoverboard has 32 Yttrium-Barium-Copper Oxide superconductors, or in other words, it uses magnets.


In the video link at the end of the article, there are people riding the Lexus hoverboard at a skate park in Spain. The hoverboard can only

hover there because they put metal under the skate park. So the hoverboard can only hover because of the use of something known as magnets. 



People have very mixed feelings about the Lexus hoverboard. One person said, “I feel like the real future is coming.”Another said, “ I don’t really care as they don’t seem very practical.” as you can see people have mixed opinions and people do and don’t like it. 



The hoverboard is a creation where some think that it is the future such as hovering cars with metal streets or just a toy people made the can’t really be used. Was the hoverboard made for the joy of movement or for other reasons only the future can tell us.


So we talked about the hoverboard and how the hoverboard worked but not the design it has orange at the top, white mostly under and around it, also it looks futuristic. As if they were trying to make it look like the hoverboard we thought would be here in the future. And it always has steam coming out of it. 


         As you may not know the hoverboard overheats that’s why steam comes out of it which may look dangerous but it’s just liquid nitrogen if it didn’t have liquid nitrogen I don’t know what would happen. Because the superconductors need to stay cold.


     In conclusion, the hoverboard seems very cool but could take some changes, it could be our future to imagine hovering cars, bikes, and more. Maybe it’s nothing changed or maybe it’s the future. So what do you think of this hoverboard will it be our future or will nothing change only time will tell, there used to be no such thing as a hoverboard. It was just a myth and this myth has been uncovered.