Are Apple Watches Deadly?

Are Apple Watches Deadly?

Do you love Apple watches? Did you know the apple watch really is deadly? Yes, in fact, the apple watch is very dangerous. The apple watch emits a very horrible radiation called EMF radiation. This radiation is inside the Apple watch and can be very hazardous. 

There are many symptoms to this radiation including, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, asthma, fertility issues, digestive issues, memory problems, sleep issues and many more. 

EMF stands for Electric Magnetic Fields. Read carefully because we will tell you some tips and tricks for avoiding EMF radiation 

TIP # 1

Keep it on airplane mode while you can, it will help a lot with the radiation because the radiation won’t emit when it’s on airplane mode.

TIP # 2 

Take off the apple watch when going to bed and put it somewhere away from your body.  The radiation does not give you cancer, however, the apple watch does make your risks higher to get cancer. 

Apple has warned people about the watches radiation, but people continue to buy it. Either they don’t know it’s dangers or they just want the watch. When people think about the apple watch most likely they think about how amazing it is. Really before they buy it they should research it and make sure it is not dangerous. In this case, it is very dangerous and can do permanent damage. 

We asked our dance teacher how she feels about her apple watch emitting radiation, Turns out she didn’t even know that it was dangerous. When we told her that it was dangerous she got very scared and said, “You may as well be looking at a hot pocket in the microwave because the radiation is the same.” This is true, a microwave also emits radiation that can hurt you it isn’t as bad as the apple watch though.

  We made a survey for our class and turns out that most people did not know that the apple watch is dangerous this could be very unfortunate for a lot of people. In fact 17 people in our class out of about 25 didn’t know it could be deadly. 

Our goal is to get as many people notified about the radiation as possible. If you have an apple watch, do not worry. Just follow the tips at the top and you’ll be fine. 

Not only the apple watch emits radiation, but all technology that can call or text emits radiation, Although it is not as bad as the apple watch you should still be careful about where you put it at night or in the day. 

Many people don’t know how dangerous regular technology such as the iPhone. Most likely they only know that the apple watch is dangerous and they don’t realize that it is all a threat. 

Even though fit bits can’t call, they still give out a surprising amount of radiation because they are still connected to your phone.  

         In conclusion, Apple watches can be very deadly if not taken care of properly.