Minecraft has had a major comeback to the gaming world. Everyone is playing it and it is all because of one man, Pewdiepie. He made one video of him playing Minecraft and it blew up all over the internet.


It all started with a Swedish man living in England and he was already a big Youtuber by the time he made the video. But one day he thought, “Hey I’m going to play Minecraft for a joke because it will be fun!” Wow, he was right. The video got 33 million views! Here was the picture.


Once the video blew up he made another one, Then another and another you get it. Then he did a collab with Jacksepticeye and that did get fewer views but then from 2 million views to 10 million views! Everyone started to play Minecraft instead of Fortnite. It was back! Pewdiepie had things that he would say every episode like ”GOOD Morning gamers” and “ That’s so epic.”

Conclusion: I think Minecraft is here to stay for a little while more than Fortnite did. With the new stuff coming out this is still going to be a big year for Minecraft.

 Sources  The Daily Collegian,Polygon