Ms. Brown, the new teacher at our school!


      Did You know that there is a new teacher at our school? What is her name? What does she teach? You have so many questions, well you can read this article to find out more!

      Ms. Brown is the new 6th, and 8th grade math teacher,if you are a student in her classes you will know that Ms. Brown starts with a warm up that has a few math problems, then you get out your homework and she comes around to stamp it. 

      Every Friday you have a little quiz/ exit ticket to see what you know about what you learned that week. You are supposed to have a math notebook, math folder, and a (optional) math binder, also you need a pencil. 

      There are two types of classes you can get into, regular math, or advanced math. Advanced moves very quickly, it can also be called Math 6/7. Which means you learn a little bit of 7th grade math too.

      You have homework every day including Fridays, but none on test days. If you answer or get one of the warm up problems right you get a raffle ticket. Every Friday the class does raffles, the prizes’ include, homework passes, extra test score points (only one), and much more!

      Although in her classes she challenges you, you will still love to get to know her. Ms. Brown claims that she doesn’t have a favorite student, but we all know that’s not true, every teacher does!

      Lyla Williams a student in Ms. Brown’s class says “ I like her because I think she’s encouraging, nice and is a great teacher to have.”Kaitlin O’Connor another student that has her for a teacher says “She is a great teacher and makes math really fun. She encourages everyone to try hard.”

      She became a teacher because her mom was and she looks up to her. Ms. Brown loves math and also wanted to be a teacher because she likes how to understand other people’s ways of learning.

      Ms. Brown thinks middle schoolers are the best to teach because they are funny and have so much energy. So far Ms. Brown loves teaching at Hermosa Valley School

      Ms. Brown was born in Denver, Colorado but she grew up in San Diego, California. Her name is Danika Brown.

      Her birthday is March 9. She has one brother and one sister that are all two years apart, and she is the oldest. Ms. Brown likes the color turquoise or light blue. 

      Ms. Brown is not married, but she does have a white lab named Maverick. She got her dog in Santa Cruz at Maverick, that is what she’s named for. Her favorite animal is a dolphin, like our school mascot.

       In her free time, Ms. Brown likes to paddleboard on the beach, travel, and run. She is running a marathon this month. She likes to travel to Norway the most because she likes to see her family and the scenery is so beautiful there.