Everything Lin-Manuel Miranda got Wrong in “Hamilton”

Everything Lin-Manuel Miranda got Wrong in “Hamilton”

Many people have heard of Hamilton, and a lot of people have seen Hamilton. But I don’t mean the person. When I say “seen Hamilton,” I mean the popular play that some people spent more than $2,000 to see. I still think it is an amazing musical, even though it is not completely accurate.

What Was Hamilton?

The play “Hamilton” was the brainchild of Lin-Manuel Miranda, who now has a net worth of $10,000,000. The play has grossed at around 74 million dollars. The play is about the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton and the legacy he left behind. Lin Manuel Miranda’s inspiration was the book “Alexander Hamilton” written by Ron Chernow. The story starts with Hamilton escaping his hometown to England. From there he helped lead the American revolution. The musical explains how he was an amazing writer and tells the audience about his love life, his tensions with his friends, and more. The play does not include many scenes besides everything they show us in the songs.

“Farmer Refuted”

One difference between the musical and real life is in the song “Farmer Refuted.” In “Farmer Refuted” Samuel Seabury is speaking to a group of people about the events of the continental congress in 1776. This is actually incorrect because he was arrested in 1775 for his works. He was imprisoned for 6 weeks. After those six weeks, he escaped Long Island and fled to New York City and remained there until 1778, which would mean that Hamilton’s argument with Samuel Seabury happened before “Aaron Burr, Sir.”


In the song “Satisfied,” Angelica Schuyler claims “My father has no sons so I have to be the one to social climb” which leads her to try to make sure she marries someone rich to keep her family wealthy and powerful. Angelica Schuyler actually had two brothers. Both of her brothers were older than her and one of them was actually Philip Jeremiah Schuyler, a congressman and an active member of the Federalist party.

“The Adams Administration”

In the song “The Adams Administration,” they state that Adams fired Hamilton but that is incorrect. Hamilton did step down in 1795, but that was 2 years before Adams was president. When Adams was president, Washington requested that Hamilton gets hired as Senior Officer of the Army. Adams found out that his cabinet was taking orders from Hamilton and proceeded to fire everyone untrustworthy.

John Laurens

In “Aaron Burr, Sir” Lin-manuel Miranda introduces the character John Laurens, who will later become a good friend of Hamilton. All of this is true, but what the musical does not tell the audience is the highly believed theory that they had sexual relations with each other. The main reason people believe this is because they sent letters to each other that say things like “it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you.” Because of this, many people believed that Hamilton was bisexual because he loved John Laurens and his wife.

His Children

In the play, Lin-manuel Miranda makes it seem like Hamilton only has one child when, in reality, he had eight. He had six sons and two daughters and they were named Angelica Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton Holly, James Alexander Hamilton, John Church Hamilton, William S. Hamilton, and Alexander Hamilton Jr. He actually had two children named Phillip.

The Duel

The musical suggests that Phillip was forced and bullied into the duel, but that’s not the truth. There was actually a due`l the day before, and both of them missed. They agreed to duel the next day, and that is when he died.

In my opinion, Hamilton is still a great play, it just is not historically accurate. Of course there are other differences, but these were some of the main ones.


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