What is Area 51?


What Really is Area 51?

In the middle of Nevada a dusty dirt road leads to one of the biggest mysterious places in the world it is called Area 51. This place supposedly holds secret creatures not known to a normal citizen they stand out from other animals meaning their deadly or they can’t be around humans because people want to hunt the creatures for money or they can be harmed by the creature. Area 51 is located in the deep desert holding secret life forms which makes it popular and known to many people around the world and a good scary story to tell.


It is said to hold aliens and extraterrestrial life forms. Area 51 is also a place where people practice driving their aircraft, according to history.com  the aircraft that they use are very expensive and fast.  When area 51 was first created it was a military base that was made to train troops and to prepare them for battles or war. Soon Area 51 had been changed to a warehouse and storage for whatever had been needed to be kept away from the public.


With secrets inside of area 51, it is fully protected with guards, electric fences and security cameras. Secrets that are in area 51 had been leaked out but not much info just knowing that creatures in their are named SCP and then a number with their name. SCP means “secure” “contain” “protect” then they have a number usually matching their age. Area 51 is home to many scp’s and they look like they came straight out of a horror movie. Almost all of the creatures in area 51 are deadly so they need to be handled with care and caution. Popularmechanics.com states that some people have died at Area 51 which has made it even scarier than it is but no one knows why or what had killed the people. With problems of death and needing so much security something top secret is in their that we don’t know about and it is something that we should know about but it is kept away from us for protection but many people ask can’t we just know what it is without having contact with it in real life the answer is no Area 51 has been telling people do not trespass and you will not know what is inside. Cameras guard every angle, signs are all over, fences covering the whole area and security guards. This place is something you shouldn’t mess with and if you do by law it will take you to jail for years unless proven not guilty. Area 51 is a serious place not many people go their messing around and supposedly the cameras see every angle every point in the area seeing jackrabbits to desert tortoises. We know some things about area 51 not a lot but some and one thing interesting about it is that it is still very active with cars leaving it with dark windows and supposedly the cars are bulletproof so nothing they don’t want can happen. Also there have been reports on a truck that has many people in it armed making the headline for many papers all around the world. Fun fact, the forbidden aspect of Area 51 is the reason which makes us so interested in figuring out what is in Area 51. When you try to go near area 51 you have to take a highway that was named after area 51 called the Extraterrestrial highway which makes a lot of people believe that aliens are in Area 51.

According to atlasobscura.com, people think that aliens live in area 51 because of the alien spacecraft that had been inside. Also, the atmosphere that Area 51 had with it being active and with the amount of security and when you get close you will be fined $600 dollars. With no open areas to see inside had led to people thinking that something fishy is going on inside of area 51. Another reason why people had been led to believe that aliens are in area 51 is because the closest entrance spot to Area 51 is about 26 miles away from the actual warehouse. In conclusion, Area 51 is a place that people think holds secret creatures and expensive planes.