How to Properly Read Body Language

Have you ever made a joke not knowing whether the person you told it to genuinely thought it was funny or accidentally tick them off without meaning to? One of the tough things to do in life is to read somebody’s body language. There are many different forms of body language There are so many ways someone can be hiding a fake smile or lie about what they just told. The body language somebody is giving off can tell a person a lot if you know how to read it and if you keep reading you can identify some of these signals. Whether the person is giving off body language of lying, faking a smile, or anger here are ways to identify them.

You see someone smiling everyday, but do you know if they are truly smiling or just trying to pull off a fake smile? There are commonly three ways you can tell someone is faking a smile. These three ways are the absent of closed eyes, visible bottom teeth, and the wrinkles near your eyes, also called crow’s feet. The large amount of people that fake smile show no movement in the eyes because it is common for real smiles to cause the eyes to close. Crow’s feet is the wrinkles near someone’s eyes when they smile, commonly seen in genuine smiles and is a sign of a fake smile when there are none of these wrinkles. Having visible bottom teeth is a sign of a fake smile because there is a muscle called the zygotic major, which when there is a genuine smile it moves upwards, but when there is a fake smile we tend to move it outwards, causing the bottom row of teeth to be exposed. Next time you make a funny joke or comment to make someone smile look for some of these signs to see if their false or true.

You have made someone angry before on accident, but did you know the signs to show they were upset? The ways to find out someone is upset using body language is endless, but here are some of the most common of those. It is common for people to cross their arms, not make eye contact, and put their hands on their hips when they are angry. When people cross their arms it is tended to represent anger because the positioning of your arms makes you look uninviting. Another tendency people have when they are mad is to place their hands on their hips. Placing your hands on your hips can lead to someone thinking you are upset because the stance gives vibes off that you are upset, inflexible, and even sometimes looking for somebody to fight with. If someone is not being consistent with eye contact or making no eye contact at all, is one of the best ways to tell someone is upset because eye contact is a significant way to to develop a bond with someone and connect with them, so if there is no eye contact being made that can mean they are angry. There are many different ways you can tell somebody is angry, but some of them are someone crossing their arms, placing their hands on their hips, and not making eye contact.

Everyone has told a lie and have been lied to, but do you know how to tell if they are really telling the truth? The person you are the closest to, has most likely lied to you, but you may not even known that, but here are tips to tell in the future. The ways to tell someone is lying is to see if they cover their mouth or eyes, their voice is not steady, and they are not holding the correct amount of eye contact. The average person will cover their mouth or eyes when they are being untruthful. Covering the eyes usually means that the person does not want to see your reaction to the information they are telling you and covering their mouth is a natural reaction to covering up a lie. If the person has a shaky voice and is not steady with it, it is a sign of a lie because it demonstrates they are nervous to see if you will believe them. A liar tends to keep no eye contact or too much eye contact. If someone is keeping eye contact consistently with you it tends to mean they are telling the truth. The signs of a liar that you can use is a shaky voice, too much or no eye contact, and covering the mouth or eyes. These signs do not work all the time, if someone is demonstrating one of these it doesn’t mean that for a fact they are lying and it is still very difficult to tell someone is lying.

Body language is an important sign of anger, a liar, and a fake smile.  It is always so hard to catch a lie, but if you identify a shaky voice, too much or no eye contact, and covering the mouth or eyes it will be much easier. Every time someone is angry see if they cross their arms, place their hands on their hips, or don’t make eye contact to make sure. The identification of a fake smile is no crow’s feet, the absence of closed eyes, and visible bottom teeth. Next time you experience any of these you can catch it by using theses tips.


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