Four Unknown Sports around the World!

There are many sports in America that people know and love such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer etc, but have you ever thought of what other sports people may play around the world? There are many sports that  most people haven’t heard of before and we are going to share with you 4 sports that you may not have known existed from around the world such as, ostrich racing, underwater hockey, cheese rolling, and even quidditch! These sports may sound ridiculous, but you would be surprised how in love people are with these particular sports, and how serious they are about them.

Ostrich Racing

Many people have thought to have ridden a horse before but riding an Ostrich is another thing! Just like in the sport horse racing, ostrich racing is similar but just with ostriches. This sport originated from Africa and has made its way over to America. In most states ostrich racing is quite unusual and most people (like myself) have not heard about it until now. Ostriches originate from South Africa which is where it all started, and slowly this sport is common in Florida, Arizona, Iowa, Nevada, New Orleans, Minnesota, and Kentucky. You can watch ostrich races at many ostrich farms local to you, one that has a lot of overall tourists is one in Jacksonville Florida which hosts the annual Ostrich Festival. Ostrich racing is common in some places in the U.S. and is a very interesting and entertaining sport to watch and to do.

Underwater Hockey

Everyone knows and loves the very famous sport hockey, there are many different leagues that are professional or unprofessional and there are many different teams. But what if I told you that there is such a thing as Hockey that is being played underwater instead of on ice? Underwater Hockey, known are Octopush is a sport that is commonly played in the UK (United Kingdom). During the 20 minute halves, 6 players dive down to the bottom of the pool to begin the game, the play continues once a goal is scored and then the players have a break and start a new “point.” Typically in a game there is 3 forwards and 3 defenses that work together to protect their goal while scoring in the opponents goal. The object of the game is to score the most goals, in the opposing teams territory. The equipment needed for playing Underwater Hockey consists of, a snorkel, and mouth-guard, a mask, fins, a stick, a puck, and a glove. According to The Atlantic, “Underwater hockey is an up-and-coming sport you can usually play at a local community pool.” In conclusion, Underwater hockey is a fun, interactive sport that is great exercise.


Have you read the 5 star rated and entertaining book series Harry Potter? If you have then you may be very curious about Quidditch and how you can play in real life! Did you know that some colleges play Quidditch and compete against other schools? This may seem crazy, but it is true! Most people call this game muggle quidditch because muggles are referred to people without magic so there isn’t a need for you to become a wizard to play this game! The game consists of three hoops and the players play on broomsticks while throwing the ball in to the hoops. This sport is modified because people can’t really fly on broomsticks! There are many people who have to  play a role during this game, the chasers play with the volleyball and try to score, the beaters play with dodge-balls and throwing it at their opponents during the game, and of course someone has to be a snitch runner (someone on the team who doesn’t have a broom) they run around with a tennis ball that is in a sock tucked in the back of their shorts. The snitch runner has to avoid being caught by the seeker and if he gets it the game ends. The overall goal of this is to have more points than the other team. Many countries play quidditch including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, Vietnam, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, USA, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.  This sport is common in all places around the world and continues to become more popular overtime.

Cheese Rolling

We all are familiar with the flavorful savory delicious  snack…Cheese! But have you ever considered rolling a large cylinder of cheese down a grassy hill? This is a sport that people play in Gloucester,  England and it is a fun traditional family experience! From atop a large grassy hill a 7-9 pound round of Double Gloucester Cheese is sent barreling down a hill after a one second head start, the competitors try to catch up to the cheese and race it down the rest of the hill. The round of cheese can reach up to 70 miles per hour in speed, which is incredibly fast, and is fast enough to wipe out a competitor! Whoever crosses the finish line, with their cheese wins a prize yet another piece of cheese!! Surprisingly enough, this particular sport is one of the most dangerous foot races in history!!! As described as, “Twenty young men chasing a cheese off a cliff and tumbling 200 yards to the bottom, where they are scraped up and carried off by paramedics and packed off to hospital.”This may sound very dangerous, but this is not always the case every year with these races. In conclusion, Cheese Rolling is a very fun, and sometimes dangerous sport for people to participate in.


In conclusion there are many sports that we have commonly heard of and played, but all around the world, this is a different case. In other countries you may encounter citizens participating in cheese rolling, quidditch, underwater hockey and ostrich racing. These sports are very popular in places such as the U.K., Africa and Germany but they are still popular in other places as well. Many of these sports can come off to people as spontaneous, but some places actually commonly play these sports, believe it or not! By the time you finish reading this article I hope you learned a little bit more about new and fun interactive sports all around the world!


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