Kings of the Ice Age


Have you ever wondered how and why the woolly mammoths and the Sabre tooth tiger  went extinct and what challenges they faced keeping reading to find out. Imagine a gigantic tiger with teeth the size of your forearms leaping off a tree to give your quick, but absolutely certain death. Or how about the large walking fabric towel with tusks longer than the average sized man coming out to attack you. The saber tooth tiger is known for their physical appearance and their canine teeth that can rip you to pieces as fast as you can blink. The cause of the saber tooth tiger extinction has been thought to be caused by starvation, but it has been proven to be caused form competition with humans, climate change, and getting stuck in tar. The woolly mammoth is known for their thick coat of hair and large tusks that can rip you apart and are over 15 feet long. The woolly mammoth went extinct from humans hunting them, a change in food supplies, and more studies display that the the rising temperatures started to melt the woolly mammoth’s habitat too, causing them to die out. These animals are commonly thought of when imagining extinct animals. There are always more than one way an animal can go extinct, but the major cause for extinction in the woolly mammoth and saber tooth tiger population is climate.

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The saber tooth tiger population has died out because of many reasons, including climate change and competition with humans, but not the commonly speculated cause, starvation. The animal does not get that name for no reason, the saber tooth tiger’s upper teeth are up to 8 inches long and are very sharp. The commonly speculated cause of the saber tooth tiger population decrease is starvation or lack of prey. The speculation of lack of prey or starvation for their reason of extinction has been proven incorrect and instead the extinction of the saber tooth tiger has been proven to be because of climate change, competition with humans, and getting stuck in tar. The saber tooth tigers were proven to get trapped in the tar as they went on the hunt to attack prey, which is one of their causes for their extinction. The saber tooth tiger also died out from climate change. The climate change affected the saber tooth tiger because the rising temperatures caused their habitats to melt, causing a decrease in their population. The rising temperatures affected the saber tooth tiger’s ecosystem and living conditions. Humans hunting saber tooth tigers caused the population to decrease to to the amount of humans killing them. The cause of the saber tooth tiger extinction has been because of humans killing them, getting stuck in tar, and climate change.

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Woolly mammoths were alive during the Ice Age and during the last part of the Ice Age they went extinct due to a change in food supply, climate change, and humans hunting them. The woolly mammoth has a thick coat of brown hair and it very closely resembles a modern day elephant, except for its coat of hair. The woolly mammoth is also known by everyone for their long tusks on their face. The word mammoth has come to be defined as huge and woolly means to have wool or be made of wool, causing the name. Woolly mammoths went extinct due to the climate change at the end of the Ice Age, humans hunting them, meteorites or comets, and a food supply change. The climate change at the end of the Ice Age caused major habitat changes for the woolly mammoths and made it harder to find food because of the new climates. Woolly mammoths were also adapted to the cold climate and not to the warmer, rising climates. The rising temperatures caused the food supply for the woolly mammoths to change because of new animals adapting to the new climates. Humans would hunt the woolly mammoths for their coat of thick hair because it kept them warm, but the hunting led to be a reason for the woolly mammoth population to die out. Another cause for the woolly mammoth extinction has been from meteorites and comets because as a result of the enormous climate change it caused meteorites and comets to hit the Earth. The woolly mammoth population extinction was caused by a massive climate change, humans hunting them, meteorites comets, and their food supply changing.

Woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers both have many ways that they went extinct. One factor that contributed to their excitation was that both the woolly mammoth and the saber tooth tiger went extinct was from a huge rise in heat and climate change. The climate change is significant because they both lived in a cold place and since the heat rises it melted there surroundings meaning that they would die from the causes from it. Some other ways that the saber tooth tiger went extinct was from humans hunting them for food. Also when they would see pray in tar they would go and try to eat them but then the saber tooth tiger would get stuck and die there. Some other ways that led to the excitation of the woolly mammoths was that like the saber tooth tiger humans also hunted them and killed a large percent of their populations. Another factor that lead to there excitation was there food supply. With the climate change more of their food source died meaning that there was less food for them to eat killing a large part of their population. The popularized animals, the woolly mammoth and saber tooth tiger, died from various ways and were both extraordinary animals.   


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