Do Dogs Increase your Health and Happiness?

Do Dogs Increase your Health and Happiness?

Imagine a fluffy dog running happily towards you as you come home. Your face is being pelted with licks and a wet nose. Is this making you happy? Many people say it does. There have been many studies about how and why dogs increase happiness in our everyday lives. In the article we choose it talked about the importance of owning a dog and what successes come with it. By examining the difference between people who have dogs and people who don’t, one can see that the people with dogs are a lot happier and healthier.

How do dogs increase happiness in humans? Dogs increase happiness in different ways. According to the site dogs have shown to extend people’s life span by wanting to do so much for you. If you have a dog you might not even notice how much dogs do for you. All dogs want to do is please their owner. Dogs are also very loyal, smart, funny and loving. With all these amazing traits dogs are the perfect pet for anyone. Also if you rescue a dog you feel so accomplished that you saved an innocent animal. Dogs don’t expect much either, all they want is a loving owner and someone to play with this is why they are also great family pets because if you have kids they can interact will the dog and learn about responsibilities. In the article it states that just small amounts of time with your dog can increase your happiness by a lot. Just think about it, what is better than an adorable animal that just loves you and expects very little. Nothing is better!

How do dogs increase your health? There are many different ways that dogs increase your health. An example of getting exercise without even thinking about it is that dogs need to go out on walks at least two to three times a day. With just two walks a day with your dog you are getting exercise, bonding with your dog, and having fun all at the same time. And to compare dogs to cats, cats for the most part stay home or outside all day and mostly sleep which doesn’t give you much time to bond and have fun with your pet. Dogs also love to play and when you play with them you are moving around and doing a physical activity so they push you to exercise because you want your dog to be the healthiest it can be. Researches proved that owning a dog reduces the risk of heart disease and premature death by up to a third.

Dogs also reduce depression which is a huge symptom a lot of people have. About 40 million people have depression, just counting adults! If more people in the world start getting dogs and spending time with them then it can lead to a happier and healthier world with furry animals. If dogs reduce so many horrible symptoms imagine what more they can do! There are still so many things that we haven’t found out yet what dogs can do to humans and improve health and happiness.

In conclusion dogs make anyone happier and can fit anyone’s needs. If you don’t have a yard and not that much time to spend with your dog a small non energetic dog will work for you. If you have a yard and a lot of time on your hands a larger more energetic breed would work for you because you have a lot of time of you will have time to interact with the dog and give it the best life possible. There are also hypoallergenic dogs so if you are allergic to dogs then hypoallergenic dogs will be the right way to go.But really any type of dog you are interested in would fit your needs. Overall dogs are the key to a happy and healthy life.    


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