Why Labs are America’s Favorite Breed Since 1993

Labrador Retrievers aren’t America’s favorite breed for nothing. When people think of a Labrador, they think of a small playful puppy, but they are so much more than that. People forget about all the things they do in helping people. According to the American citizens Labrador Retrievers are America’s favorite breed.  Every year the American Kennel Club Looks at its registration statistics to determine which dog is America’s favorite. They have been America’s favorite breed because they help many people.They are used for this more than other dogs because they have the suitable temperament and physical structure for the job.There are mainly two types of labs, the English labrador, and the American labradors. People love the sweet, caring, playful personality of labs. They are fun to be around, very friendly, and they truly are a man’s best friend. Labs are the type of dogs that are always there for you, and make you feel okay. They are also very smart. Lots of people like teaching them tricks because they can pick it up very quickly. These dogs help many people and make others lives better. Some Labs can even save the lives of people in difficult situations and help people with disabilities live a better life.

Labrador Retrievers are the most common breed for training guide dogs because of their high-speed learning skills. They help people who are blind, who have disabilities, and more. Labs are very helpful to a lot of people, along with being very smart. Also, labs are one of the most common dogs to help the police. Labs will become K9’s and help the police with many duties like catching criminals, keeping a lookout while the police investigate, and sniffing out dangerous substances, bombs, and even stolen money! Labs are not only cute and friendly dogs, but they are extremely helpful to us.

Labs can help people in many ways such as: helping people at home ,detecting cancer, and building on people’s happiness. Some people send these labs to hospitals or care homes for the patients to pet and spend time with. These dogs are known to make people more comfortable especially when patients had to leave a beloved pet behind. Many soldiers are very traumatized after war and have many emotions like fear, anxiety, loss, and depression. Having these dogs help many people like soldiers work through their trauma and anxiety. Many of these dogs are helping doctors detect cancer and patients with low blood sugar. Labs are knows to see changes in their owners glucose sugar and breath. These dogs help people no hurt themselves during a seizures, by being taught to stand on their own, and break a persons fall. They are obviously very helpful to many people with disabilities and people who need medical attention.  

Labs help search and rescue teams also. They help track down people who are lost in the wilderness, and those who may be in danger because of a natural disaster. Search and rescue dogs adapt to many circumstances and work well under pressure, which is exactly what we need. With their amazing sense of smell and great hearing, it’s is fairly easy for search and rescue dogs to find the distressed victim. All together, search and rescue Labs have saved over 7,000 lives. Search and rescue Labs save so many lives, some people refer to them as “hero dogs” and “life savers”.

In conclusion, Labs are America’s favorite breed of dog because they are the best choice of dog and they have everything you need. They are playful, sweet, caring, and they’ll love you no matter what. Also, Labs are very smart, and can learn many tricks. They are also extremely helpful to us. They help those in need of medical attention, they can be used as therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs save lives of many in danger. Overall, labs are the best dog a person can have, and that’s why they are America’s favorite breed of dog.

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