Norse Mythology… Starting with Frey


Early Life and Family

Look up at the sky, is the weather warm or sunny. If it is, then you have the Norse god Frey to thank. Frey is the ancient Norse god of summer, prosperity, fair weather, fertility, healing, and warmth. Like all other Norse beings, he lived in the nine realms and he was created from the Norse god of the sea, Njörðr, or in english, Njord, as his father. His mother was Njörðr’s first wife and his sister (according to the myths, incest was legal in the world of Norse mythology), Nerthus.

Æsir Vs. Vanir

In Norse Mythology, there were usually two sides against each other. One side was the Æsir, or in English, Aesir. Aesirs were usually gods of brute force and strength. They relied on physics, logic, and weaponry. Some of these gods are Thor, Odin, and Tyr. The other side of these wars were the Vanir (pronounced Van-ir). They used magick (which is different from magic because magick refers to medieval magick while magic is magic like what modern day magicians use, like hat tricks, while magick includes sorcery and spells), brainpower, and deception in day to day life. Some Vanir gods are Freya, Freyr and Njord. Frey was Vanir and, like most Vanirs, he lives in Vanaheim, one of the nine realms.

Who was Freyja

One of the cool things about Frey is that he had a twin sister. Her name is Freyja and means “lady” in Old Norse. She is the goddess of beauty, battle, death, and, like Frey, the goddess of fertility. Another thing she shares with Frey is that they both have the boar as their sacred animal. She gets to choose one half of the heroes slain in battle to go to Folkvang. Not much is known about Folkvang, seeing as it was only mentioned twice in Norse Myths. Once in the poem Grímnismál and once in the poem Prose Edda even though Prose Edda used Grímnismál as its source. Freyja is actually one of the few survivors of it Ragnarök.

Ragnarök and more facts

Speaking of Ragnarök, what was it? The three Norns, or prophets, predicted that the world would end one day because of Loki, the god of mischief. This event would be known as Ragnarök, where a war so large enveloped that none of the nine realms survived.The Norns could also predict who was most likely to live and die during this war. Frey was supposed to be one of the few gods that survive Ragnarök, but he gave away the sword of summer for the hand of his wife Gerd, therefore confirming he would die at Ragnarök, using a deer antler instead of his sword. Speaking of the sword of summer, also known as Sumarbrander, it was one of the things that made Frey famous. This sword is very special for being able to fight on its own, provide transportation between the nine realms, and it was the sharpest sword ever made. He lost the sword for the hand of his wife, Gerd, was a daughter of the giant Gymir, where he gave it away as a gift to her father.

Frey actually has multiple names include Frey, Freyr and Yngvi. While mainly worshiped in Sweden, he was still very well known in Norway and in Iceland.

His Impact on Today

Why do we need to know this? If you ever visit a place with a history of vikings, you may look at a statue or people worshiping a god. That god may be Frey. Frey was worshiped is Sweden and is very well known in Norway and Iceland. So if you visit those places, you now know a little history.