Get Rid of Plastic, It Would Be Fantastic


      Each day, you use more plastic than you even realize. Say for example you want to go get a burger, so you go to In-n-Out Burgers and order one.  You also get a plastic container for the fries, for the drink, and the straw for your drink. This is about the amount of plastic for one person at In-n-Out. Now imagine all the other people at the restaurant and the amount of plastic that adds up to. Now imagine all the people at In-n-Out and all the other locations with the same amount of plastic used.

      As you may already know, plastics affect our environment a great deal. They cause pollution in oceans, death of sea animals, and they don’t biodegrade, so they sit in landfills for a long period of time. If our world doesn’t change soon then the environment will change more than imaginable and the air quality will become awful. At this rate, plastic will take over our environment and we need to stop it soon.For example just in LA alone 10 metric tons of plastic fragments. Just to put it in perspective, 10 metric tons is about 22046.2 pounds is equivalent to about six mid-sized cars and about seven compact cars. Plastic items consist things like grocery bags, straws, and soda bottles. You may wonder how to eliminate plastics from your life, so we are here to tell you!


                                                                 Use Reusable bags at the grocery store

      Many people go to the grocery store each day and not many use reusable bags. If all people use reusable bags we can cut down of plastics very fast. Using reusable bags means that you save money because the grocery stores make you pay for the plastic bags and when you bring your reusable bag you don’t have to pay. Also, using reusable bags saves resources since plastic bags are not reusable they take much more resources to make rather than just using one or two reusable bags each time you go to the grocery store. 13 billion plastic bags are issued each year -an average of 300 per adult per year. If all the bags were tied together that could rap the Earth 7 times



                                                                             Stop buying bottled water

      All bottled water uses lots of plastic and using them one time then throwing them away is awful for the environment. Use a cup and use the water from your kitchen sink or from your fridge instead of buying bottled water. When you go places you can bring a water bottle and fill them up at water fountains and at restaurants. A plastic cup or bottle can take 50 to about 80 years to decompose. Now imagine how many people throw away plastic bottles a day.


                                                                           Bring your own cup to get drinks

      Cups from the coffee shop or from other shops such as boba or smoothie shops look like they are made of paper, but actually contain a form of plastic. Cutting down on using these plastic cups can help the environment a great deal as well has saving money by not having to spend it on different size cups. An estimated 13 billion plastic bottles are disposed of each year!


Stop using plastic straws

      Plastic straws are a big waste of plastic as there are many alternatives to plastic straws such as paper straws, certain plant based straws, reusable metal straws, and using no straws at all. Getting rid of plastic straws will be a big step for the environment because of how many people use plastic straws and how long they take to biodegrade. Plastic straws and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1 million sea creatures every year.



                                                                                  Avoid plastic utensils

      If you are to lazy to wash your dishes, and use plastic utensils it is hurting the environment more than you can imagine. Stop being lazy and use metal utensils instead, and you don’t have to continuously to go the store to buy these utensils. If you are that lazy and you can’t even wash your dishes, pay someone else to do it! It is estimated the about 40 billion plastic utensils are produced each year! If we cut down on these utensils it would be great for the environment.


These are just few ways you can end the use of plastic to help save the environment for future generations and from pollution of our earth. You may think that you are only one person and won’t make a difference, but that is completely untrue because everything starts somewhere.