5 Weird Animals

5 Weird Animals

There are many interesting animals in the world. They all have strange, interesting habits and abilities. These animals live all around the world and can come in all different shapes and sizes. They all have many unique behaviors, and they are all very interesting.

There are many weird animals throughout the ocean, but one of the most weird ones is the pistol shrimp. Pistol shrimp live in burrows. One of the shrimp’s claws is much bigger than the other, and it looks similar to a boxing glove. This claw sends out bullet like bubbles. When the shrimp snaps it creates a “sonic boom” stunning nearby fish and shrimp. The shrimp’s claw is strong enough to “rip” the water apart. When the water is crushed it creates a ball of heat that then gets destroyed by the water causing a supersonic boom. According to ThatsLifeScience,  when the shrimp fires, it releases intense light, heat, and sound. 

The shrimp’s snap can be used for hunting, but it can also be used for defense. Many small animals such as shrimp, krill, copepods (a type of zooplankton), and small fish can be affected by the snap. This shrimp holds the title for the loudest animal in the ocean. Divers can even hear this shrimp if they are close enough to it. According to BBC, the pistol shrimp’s snap sounds like the crackling of burning tinder or the snap, crackle, and pop of milk being poured on cereal. Over all, the pistol shrimp has really weird and cool ability.

Another weird animal that has a strange behavior is the army ant. According to pests.org, “Army ants live in a large colony so when they hunt to eat they have to eat a lot so they go for big targets compared to them. The army ants diet contains of lizards, snakes, scorpions, and sometimes even chickens”. One weird thing that army ants do is they make their nest with their own bodies. They use their claws and jaws to clamp together and can even hang from trees. Army ants are blind and and follow others purely by scent. If a single ant goes off track just a little it will create a death circle. A death circle is when a one ant goes off track and then the ants start following each other by walking in a circle. They will pull the rest of the ants into the circle, and they will walk until they die of exhaustion.


Another strange creature is the Ichneumon wasp. These wacky creatures are known for their torturous methods. Based on list25.com and nature.gov, the wasp will first find a prey such as a caterpillar, a butterfly, a moth, a beetle, or sometimes even spiders. Then, it will inject its eggs inside of the prey, paralyze the victim, and then, they lastly eat it while it is still alive. They first will start with the fatty deposits and digestive organs. The wasp make it take as long as possible for the critter to die. Wasps live in north america and their are over 2,000 species. Their name is Greek for tracker because they use the scent of their prey to track them down. They create nests in the corner of shady protected areas. Unlike bees they can sting more than once before leaving. Also, using their stinger once won’t kill them like a bee’s stinger would.

Have you ever seen your dog eat its own poop? Dogs have a strange habit you might not realize. Yes, sometimes dogs eat their own poop. They do it purely through animal instincts. Although we might find it disgusting, dogs think of it as polite. They think that they are being helpful and cleaning up after themselves. Usually, they eat it because their instincts are to clean up the den. When the den is clean of poop, the smell is gone so it protects the den from predators. They also sometimes do it to get attention or because of medical purposes. So the next time you are grossed out about your dog eating its own poop, think twice because it is totally natural.

When most people think of cows they think of big fat creatures just walking around and eating, but in Switzerland, cows have developed a habit of jumping off cliffs. Some people think it is because things have been scaring the cows such as lightning or someone they don’t recognise. According to dailymail.co, There are studies that show cows sometimes just feel the urge to move to a new place or migrate. Many of them sometimes overlook a body of water and feel the need to cross it so they jump in, and then die most of the time from the fall or from drowning. Some have commit suicide right after their caregiver dies. Many might have done it because a mother or a calf died in their family. It overall is a very sad and weird animal behavior.

Overall, there are many weird animal habits just like these. Many can be very interesting and cool. Others can be sad, or exciting. These animals can come from the top of the mountains to the bottom of the sea. There are many different types of animals all over the world that come in many different shapes and sizes. In conclusion, animals can have weird habits, but they are natural to their life.