Mac vs Windows

Mac vs Windows

The ultimate question that teens and adults alike have been asking themselves for years. Which is better: Windows or Mac? With many new operating systems and technology, it is often difficult to find a computer and operating system that fits people’s needs. It makes sense for the choice to be difficult as both have different features that might fit someone’s needs better in different situations. With many different pros and cons, it depends on what your intentions are for the computer and how you will use it. We will be putting these two operating systems toe-to-toe in order to see which computer is better than the other.

Round 1 — Customization and Repair: Winner–Windows

PC’s have a lot of things that they do better than Macs, in the desktop form factor and in the laptop department as well. The Mac computer is a preset computer that you cannot change. The power isn’t as strong as others and they can’t have your customization like PCs. PCs are allowed to be changed with different parts to make it stronger and work better. If your PC was broken, you could change out the parts and fix it yourself. But, if your mac was broken, you have to take it into a shop and wait weeks to get it fixed by Apple, who might just replace the computer and lose all of your data if not backed up. Also, if you had an old, outdated part, you will always be able to replace it if it were to fit in your pc. Which is the opposite you can do with any mac device.

Round 2 — Safety: Winner — Mac

Macs often have great build quality, don’t often get viruses, and work well with iPhones and Apple services. For example, every Mac is made by Apple at a premium cost. So, they have a excellent, premium build quality, with very high standard parts and materials in the computer. Mac OS is also just very secure by itself, which allows for very little viruses to infect the Mac, even without an antivirus software on the computer.  

However, the Windows operating system allows much more freedom for the user to do whatever they please. Windows also allows users much more compatibility with other services and devices while Macs make it much harder to use devices and services that aren’t owned by Apple. Sure, Windows computers may get infected with viruses. But it’s actually more of the users fault than the company because if the user knew what they were doing and were more careful with what they download, they wouldn’t have downloaded software that contains malware or a virus. The same with Apple. You can still download malware online, it just might be more secure than windows. Either way, the user has to know how to be safe and not destroy their computer for something they might not know is fake.

Round 3 — Portability: Winner—-Mac

While Windows has a lot of upsides, what are some of the downsides? One of the problems with windows is the portability. If you need to take your Windows laptop to school, it is way harder than taking a Mac-Book to school because most Windows . Macs have a sleek design as they are generally used for work and don’t need too much power to run high power programs. This makes the computer way easier to hold and take to places like work or school. However, Microsoft run and Windows compatible computers are typically more bulky. They can be used to run games and programs that require certain needs the mac can’t perform. This makes them bulky and hard to hold or fit in a backpack.

Round 4 — Price: Winner—-Windows

Windows PCs take the win when it comes to price, due to a few reasons. Macs are made by Apple, which only allow for Apple to make computers. Also, Apple does have a very high profit margin making almost 40 percent profit compared to Microsoft’s 25 to 30 percent. Windows on the other hand has hundreds of manufacturers that make computers that run Windows. Granted, with Mac-books you are getting high-end processors and build quality, but you can often get a PC with the same internals and build quality at up to $300 cheaper than a Mac would be.

We decided to get some opinions of what people in our classroom thought was better, Mac or Windows. Leo likes Mac because: “It has an easier interface to do stuff other than gaming.” Leo’s opinion on the Mac-Book demonstrates how easy to use the Mac-Book is for people who don’t like gaming so much, and how it packs in many features while still being very user friendly. Also, Zeke liked the more affordable computers that Microsoft has to offer: “I like Windows because their computers are inexpensive.” Zeke’s thoughts on Windows PCs shows how Windows PCs are often more affordable, which allows for more people, like college students, to be able to afford a good, quality computer.


With technology advancing, it can always be hard to find the computer that best fits consumers needs. Many new computers are starting to have different features and operating systems to choose from, and it really depends on the user’s needs in a computer to make sure that they have the right choice. If you need a computer for simple, small, and quick tasks a Mac computer would be perfect. However, if you are looking for a computer to handle more demanding tasks that require a more powerful computer for less, you should use Windows. Unless there is a new drastic update that puts one behind the other, the Mac vs. Windows debate will always be a strong topic and will continue to progress into the future.