Fantasy Football Survival Guide


Fantasy football is a fantasy league where you can draft you favorite players and other players from different teams. Each week you make a lineup of players that you drafted. The league you  join sets a draft time where you log on to your fantasy provider and draft your team. Each week you face up against another person in your league and when your players play they gain points. The points on each team are added up and whoever has the most points from that week wins. In case you don’t want one of your players or one of your players gets injured you can drop that player and pick up another player from free agency. Free agency is where all the players go after they are not picked. In case you want to keep your injured players there are specific injury reserved spots on your team where you can put that player and wait for them to heal until they can play. Fantasy Football analysts project the amount of points each player is supposed to get.

For starters, fantasy football is a thing that many people put there time and even money in. There are three different types of drafts. One is a snake draft where you draft your players in specific draft at a specific time that is set before you join the fantasy football league. The second draft is an auction draft where you get a set amount of fake money to use to buy players in the draft, all of the teams get the same amount of fake money to spend on each player. However, you can’t go over your spending limit. The third draft is an auto draft where the computer drafts your team for you but when it’s your pick, they pick the best available. This is the worst way to draft a team because the computer doesn’t take injuries into account.

ESPN is great fantasy football provider, it allows you to make small free fun fantasy football league with a minimum of four players needed. There are three types of leagues, one is a free to play public league. This league is for people who are playing by themselves or with a small party that is not big enough to create their own league. Another league is a private league, which is also free and it’s where you make your own league that is not open to the public to join. To get people in this private league you must send them an invitation and they can accept the invite to join the league. The last league is the pay to play league. This league is for competitive play and normally the first place, second place, and third place all win a certain amount of money that is set before the league starts.

In case you want to get started, here are our picks.

Top players from each position



  1. Patrick Mahomes- Coming off of a great season last year, but losing his number one wide receiver may hurt his production a bit, but you should still expect him to still produce at a high level. All you need to know is the 5000 yard and 50 touchdown season.
  2. Andrew luck- Always delivers each year, but having the production of Eric Ebron, who has shown that he is one of the top tight ends in the league puts him higher than quarterbacks similar to him.
  3. Aaron Rodgers- Always a high level player for fantasy football. Rodgers is very consistent and always delivers throughout each season. Rodgers will continue to deliver especially with the continuously improving Davante Adams at receiver.
  4. Drew Brees- Despite being 40 years old, Brees has always been very reliable and the Saints have a great receiving core that fits well with Brees’ playing style. Brees will always get the job done for your fantasy team.
  5. Russell Wilson- Wilson is very consistent and rarely is out with injury. Sometimes Wilson has a shaky passing performance, but his lack of injuries and continuing success in the league puts him at the five spot.


Running backs

  1. Saquon Barkley- Barkley is coming off one of the most impressive seasons of a rookie yet. Barkley had over 2000 passing and rushing yards and 15 touchdowns in just his rookie season. Barkley still has room to improve, but is clearly the best selection for you first round pick.
  2. Todd Gurley- Gurley is an all around star after a season with 21 touchdowns, Gurley is one of the most consistent players in the draft. Gurley is a close second for being the best running back in the draft. With over 300 touches last season, Gurley is a great pick.
  3. Christian Mccaffrey- Mccaffrey is one of the best receiving backs in the nfl and had a good receiving season for a wide receiver with 850 yards receiving and 6 catching touchdowns. Mccaffrey also has a very effective running game with an average of 5 yards a carry.
  4. Ezekiel Elliott- Elliot is a great player with maybe the most talented offensive line in this league. Their great blocking lead Elliott to average 4.7 yards per carry. The only downside on the Cowboys is their offense has a hard time scoring, which led to Elliot only 6 touchdowns last season. Elliot lead the league in yards and averages around 25 carries a game which is amazing.
  5. Alvin Kamara- Kamara may be the best receiving back in the league and without Mark Ingram you should expect Kamara to excel even more than last year. Kamara had a total of 18 touchdowns even though he was sharing the backfield with Mark Ingram. Kamara is definitely a great pick.


  1. Deandre Hopkins- Hopkins might be the most talented receiver in the nfl. He has a ball magnet underneath his gloves. He has a great quarterback out of Clemson. They don’t have a great defense which means the ball will be in the hands of the offense a lot.
  2. Davante Adams- Adams has one of the best quarterbacks in the league to help him get over 100 receptions and 13 touchdowns. Adams is an all-around great player and in his two years has proved to be one of the best in the league. Adams is definitely a top three receiver.  
  3. Julio Jones- Jones is one of the best receivers in the NFL. Jones always gets at least 1400 receiving yard season unless injuries prevent him. Last season Jones got a whopping 113 receptions. With this many touches a season, Jones is definitely a great pick.
  4. Antonio Brown- Brown is always on the top when it comes to receivers in the league. With 15 touchdowns last season and 1300 yards. Although, Brown would be higher on this list but, Brown is in a new offense and on a new team with new faces. Also, Derek Carr is not the best quarterback out there putting Brown lower on this list.
  5. Odell Beckham Jr.- Beckham is very talented and there is no doubting that, but his attitude and temper while playing puts him at risk, which makes him lower on the list. Although Beckham is talented he is a very risky pick.



  1. Travis Kelce- Probably the most talented Tight-End in the NFL. The Chiefs also had the highest rated offense with the MVP Patrick Mahomes  at quarterback. Travis Kelce is the #1 target now that Tyreek Hill was suspended, and Kareem Hunt was also suspended and dropped to free agency.
  2. George Kittle- Kittle in 2018 had the most yards ever by a Tight-End. Kittle is a stud, he played great even getting thrown to by a backup quarterback, which means he has incredible talent. The reason he isn’t #1 is because his team, the 49ers just couldn’t figure out how to put points on the board.
  3. Zach Ertz- Ertz has great talent, as well as a big body, defenders have a hard time guarding him. The Eagles have a good defense, meaning the Eagles offense will have the ball most of the time. This will lead to Ertz having a lot of chance to make big plays.
  4. Evan Engram- Engram is a great Tight-End. The positives about his team is their superstar receiver was traded which leads to only him and Sterling Shepard to catch the football. The only problem is that he has an old quarter back his isn’t very good anymore.
  5. Eric Ebron – The Colts and Andrew Luck have tremendous talent at all the positions on offence, the bad news is that Ebron won’t be involved as much as the other Tight-Ends. Positives about him is that he caught 13 touchdown catches as well as one rushing touchdown.

To conclude, fantasy football is a great pastime and a fun one too. There are many different ways to play to suit your every need. You can also get the choice to choose your favorite players and you get to make Thursday’s, Sunday’s and Monday’s more fun!