Strange things about Americans

Strange things about Americans

So, i moved here from London,England on May 6th 2018 and its very different here from the UK. I’m not trying to be offensive by the title of my story (strange things about Americans), but personally i just think that these things that i came up with were a little strange.

Why do they tip so much money?

Background information: Tipping has been traditionally used in service type industries where the wages are smaller which encourages the person to work harder to get good tips to make up for those lower wages. But you can also say you don’t believe in tipping and leave it at that. As long as you pay for what you ordered you are breaking no laws. You may not get the best service if you ever do come back but that is a risk you take. If you want to eliminate tipping all together then the employers will have to raise the wages which means they will have to eventually raise their prices. So you can go into a restaurant for lunch, pay $20 and a $5 tip for a total of $25, or you can pay $25 for lunch and not tip. Personal reason: Me…I would rather pay the $20 and leave a $5 tip as long as it was served well. If it wasn’t I could leave nothing.

Why do they go through drive-throughs instead of going inside?

Personally i think it is a little strange how people always go through drive-throughs. It may just be like they don’t like contact with strangers or they think it’s faster or they just like to drive. I asked people in my class on there opinion. I asked them one question it was, do you like going through drive-throughs? And why? Most of them said yes, because it’s easy. Another person said that they don’t  like talking to other people. My friend Sabrina said that she is too lazy to walk into the food place and she doesn’t want to wait for long. Also people might wanna listen to radio while they drive or a CD. I researched why they go through drive-throughs and it came up with a response from an adult and they said that it is easier to just put his son into his car seat and keep him in there instead of having to take him into the restaurant.

Why do they drive on the right side of the road and not the left?

When i first moved here my mom was driving on the freeway, driving out of my dad’s office and she turned a corner and then she realized that she was on the wrong side of the road because there were cars coming towards her. So my mom called my dad and he had to come out of his office and stop the cars coming towards her, he put his hands out on the street and said to my mom “turn around and drive on the RIGHT SIDE of the road!’’ So, personally I think that it is confusing for people to adjust themselves when they come into a new country and drive in the right side. I think that people in every country should drive on the same side of the road.

The point of this story is not too say that Americans are strange I just think from a British point of view these things are different than what I normally would so in England. Americans may think it is strange the English people drink tea at 6:30 pm or that we call cookies biscuits.  

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