The History Of California

California has a lot of culture and different parts to it, such as deserts, mountains, beaches, and forests all in one state, but did you know that there is way more to California than just that? California is probably one of the most diverse states in the world  because of its cultures and history.


California’s history started out when Native Americans lived there; they lived there for a long time as hunter-gatherers. Then the Spaniards came and conquered America, so they lived in peace. Shortly after Christopher Columbus sailed over to the Americas, expecting it to be Asia, he claimed that he was the founder of America. The first European explorers who sailed to California was the Spanish explorer, Juan Rodriguez and the English explorer, Sir Francis Drake. The Spanish influenced California more than the English because they built 21 missionaries along the coast of California. This was called the Portolá expedition, this was through 1769-1770.


This era was very important, the Mexican Empire went strong for a very long time.

What came after these event was the gold rush era. This era was a very important time where people from all over the world came to San Francisco for gold. This was a time when people were either full with money or broke. Miners risked everything to test their luck mining for valuable gold. When all the gold was mined, they would find a new location with gold to be mined. The people that moved to the American River were usually people who wanted gold. In this time many inventions were made. One you probably have worn, Levi Jeans were made for miners in this era. Also, another interesting fact was that miners were called 49’ers hints the football team name the 49’ers which were also founded 100 years later which is pretty interesting.

Almost 80 years later, the Great Depression happened, this time was very rough for California. The Great Depression was the time when businesses failed, workers lost their jobs, and families fell into poverty.                                                           

 This terrible time period brought fear and failure through California coast and inner regions. Some rich people of California were barely affected. This also affected the farmers because they couldn’t sell their crops to people because the people did not have any money so they stopped growing crops. The crops that were already growing, died because of thirst and drying up.The depression age was a disaster because “two strikers were killed and 64 people injured after strike breakers and police attempted to open the port.”(,Oakland Museum of California, par 5).


After this time, California evolved and became the state we know today. California was filled with interesting history and has many sites to see where the history took form. California was once an old time place where miners went to mine gold and now it is one of the most tech filled cities in the world. That is why California is one of the most history filled places in the U.S..


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