What are some of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs?


What jobs do people risk their lives for, everyday at work? Some may think of their workplace as a secure and safe place, but these jobs beg to differ. A few of the  jobs people risk their lives for everyday are logging workers, roofers, and construction laborers. Logging workers have to be very precise while they are cutting trees and have to be physically fit in order to accomplish their task while on the job. Roofers also have to be physically fit in order to do their job, but they also have the risk of falling very often. Construction laborers have the risk of falling off buildings at high altitudes caused by a misstep or slip. These jobs represent the number of deaths that happen in the workplace every year and the risks some jobs have just for a steady income and they should have better safety conditions in the workplace. Logging workers, roofers, and construction workers cause hundreds of fatal accidents per year and have a reason why they are so dangerous.

Logging workers are considered to have the most dangerous job in America because of the major risks the job carries.  Loggers work to cut trees and harvest trees for timber. The job involves climbing and cutting, which they have to be very precise on where they are cutting and how careful they are climbing. One small mistake while cutting can lead to a non-fatal injury or fatal injury. The machines used in the business that the logging workers rely on are very hazardous and dangerous. The trees that are cut are extremely heavy and the momentum from the falling tree, is almost unavoidable to dodge as they move or fall, which can lead to injury or death. Logging workers have the largest number of deaths per 100,000 workers. The most recent studies of the deaths of logging workers was in 2015 and 67 logging workers died. Logging workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and have caused numerous accidents and deaths.

Roofers are always at risk of some sort of accident while doing their essential job everyday for work. You may be wondering what does a roofer do? Roofers repair and build roofs of buildings and homes, which involves a decent amount of dangerous tools. Roofers always have the risk of falling off the roofs because of the roofs height and the large amount of dangerous that come with building roofs. The roofs of homes and buildings can have missing asphalts, shingles, and more. These conditions can cause roofers to fall and cause serious damage to them. The falling injuries that occur are 34% of the time fatal due to how serious the damage is from the fall. Roofers also risk getting an injury because of the weather. If it is snowing, raining, or other bad weather conditions, roofers risk them losing their balance and falling to the ground causing an injury that could lead to their demise. Roofers main risk of injury is from falling, but it can happen everyday for them no matter the skill level they are at.

Construction laborers have a variety of dangers that come with the job that can cause fatalities.  Construction workers, work on a wide range of tasks on job sites. Construction workers are usually overworked, which can cause muscular pain. They also work in the heat a lot, so heat strokes are common for construction workers to have. In 2014, out of the 4,821 work-related deaths recorded, 19% or 889 workers, were working as construction workers. Similar to roofers about half of construction workers’ deaths are caused by falls from high altitudes. Some other ways construction workers die is because of transportation, contact with objects and equipment, violence, exposure to hazardous chemicals, collapsing trenches, and injuries from lifting heavy objects and more. Construction workers do not have easy jobs and have a large risk of death at work.

Logging workers, roofers, and construction workers all have extremely dangerous jobs and risks they deal with every time they go into their workplace. There are multiple dangers and multiple deaths in each job and that is what makes them some of the most dangerous jobs in America. Logging workers, roofers, and construction workers are proven to have some of the most work related deaths recorded. Logging workers have to deal with the dangers of tree cutting and the fatal injuries cutting trees cause. Roofers always have the risk of falling while working on roofs, which can lead to fatal injuries.  Construction workers have a large variety of dangers that come with the job that can lead to life threatening injuries. There has been studies to see how these can become safer and for logging workers they have been trying to get workers in machines. For construction workers they have been making better hard hats and working conditions. Lastly, for roofers they have tried to get better ladders and shoes to work on roofs with. The risks these jobs carry can be nonfatal or fatal, but no matter what they are extremely dangerous.


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