The Danger Hidden in Makeup


 Is there a bad side to makeup?

     Most Americans have a perfect image of what they want to look like, to keep themselves pleased with their appearance. Makeup is a good way for you to look our best and feel comfortable with your looks, but there are many effects to it even if you don’t even realize it. If you are a user of make-up then you should think twice before you put it on. Many people who wear makeup, should know that  makeup can have harmful chemicals which can lead to harmful effects on your face. Cosmetic items such as makeup can cause many allergic reactions or skin irritation which is bad for your skin. Makeup can effect your face in negative ways and can sometimes ,leave you face feeling sticky or dirty. Leaving on your makeup overnight can cause wrinkles and some acne because it can clog your pores.

The Chemicals that are used…

     There are many different chemicals used in makeup and can be harmful to the skin if they are used. The first type of chemical that is commonly used in makeup is phthalates, it is commonly used in deodorant, nail polish and even scented lip balm which can irritate the skin. The second most common chemical used in makeup is lead. Lead is very bad for us and sometimes we can find it in our water that we drink. According to the FDA they tested almost 400 cosmetic items and those contained up to 7.19 ppm of lead. Some other chemicals are formaldehyde preservatives which can cause cancer,  and peg compounds that are contaminated with ethylene oxide. Bht and bha are found in many foods that you eat daily, parabens are the chemical’s you would want to avoid the most, octinoxate causes thyroid disorders, carbon black leads to cancer and organ toxicity, and siloxanes are used to smooth out the skin and they also hurt the endocrine system. There are many types of chemicals that could possibly be put into your makeup and that you  won’t even notice, some of these chemicals can be found in many name brands such as Sephora makeup products. Something that we found astonishing while researching, is that Ulta beauty scored a whopping 13 out of 135 points scoring them a grade F. Just be careful of what makeup you are using because it could contain harmful chemicals that you won’t want to put on your face.

How to care for your skin

     If you are prone to sensitive skin, or acne breakouts, then maybe makeup is not for you. You should also wash your face everyday so that you can unclog your pores and won’t cause acne. If you have sensitive skin you will want to find the makeup that is good for your skin type. If you have damaged skin from the makeup you use regularly you should use sunscreen or moisturizer to help eliminate the dryness and the flakiness. If you share makeup with friends or any other people it can cause build up and bacteria within the make up which can cause breakouts and acne. Using these tips can help care for your skin from getting acne, bacteria, oily skin, or even dry skin. There are some types of makeups that are preferable to some teens that can actually improve your skin, such as moisturizing foundations or spot treatment it you have a specific zit that you want to cover up.

Animals are affected too?

     Many animals from dogs, to cats, to hamsters, to bunnies are suffering every day from living in a laboratory and not running around and playing like they were meant to do. They have many toxic chemicals forced down their throats, dripped in their eyes and spread onto their skin. Most quality cosmetic items are cruelty free which means that the cosmetic items are not tested on animals. But shockingly enough products such as Maybelline New York. O.P.I, NARS, and Coco Chanel aren’t . These well known brands are risking many innocent lives of helpless animals and this is terrible to hear. But why do we need to test human makeup products on animals? Most brands test their makeup inventions on animals before they are tested on humans so that they can make sure that they are safe. Some companies do it to test their new ingredients to insure their safety. Even though these reasons are good because they protect us, they are bad for the animals being tested on.


     Online there is much social pressure for girls to be pretty. Television, You tube, other media show people looking their very best, and it makes people think that everyone should be beautiful at all times. But keep in mind that cosmetic companies make a lot of money off making people feel that they aren’t pretty enough and need “their” assistance. If you are someone that uses makeup regularly, do not be offended, or feel pressured to not wear makeup, we are just trying to keep you informed of what the dangerous chemicals there are and how to take care of your skin, using makeup that is right for you. In conclusion steer clear of unnatural, or chemical filled makeup products and remember that you do  not need makeup to make you pretty.