The Fall of Notre Dame?

The Fall of Notre Dame?

On April 15, 2019, a thing that shocked the world started, was the fire of Notre Dame at 18:50 CEST, in Paris, France.                                

History on the Notre Dame

The cathedral was built on a small island called the Île de la Cité, in the middle of the Seine. The construction began in 1163, during the rule of King Louis VII, it was completed in 1345. It is considered a jewel of medieval Gothic architecture. It was damaged and neglected in the 1790s, during the French Revolution. Henry VI of England was made King of France inside Notre-Dame in 1431. Napoleon Bonaparte, who also sought to save the storied cathedral, was crowned Emperor there in 1804. The last time it caught on fire was in the 13th century.  

The Notre Dame Cathedral might have caught on fire by a computer glitch that might have been behind the blaze. The computer glitch was in the attic and it also could have been an electrical short-circuit. The fire burned through the network of enormous centuries-old oak beams supporting the monument’s vaulted stone ceiling, dangerously weakening the building. The surrounding neighborhood was blocked off as stones continued to tumble off the sides of the cathedral after the devastating blaze.

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After April 15th Notre Dame was still standing up and France was sad about the fire and all the history inside. The Cathedral was built out of wood and that was really old and the roof was made of wood above some stone. Notre Dame had four churches at different times. The Cathedral was built in 1163 and completed in 1354. On April 15th, 2019 the Cathedral was on fire destroying the oak frame and lead roof, firefighters saved the facade, towers, walls, buttresses, and stained glass windows.

The Cathedral had The earliest rose window, the west rose window, and the north rose window. The Cathedral had some really great arts made out of stone such as The martyr Saint-Denis, holding his head, over the Portal of the Virgin, an illustration of the last judgment, and facades. The cathedral was 226 feet tall and 130 feet wide. The cathedral had two tall towers and was surrounded by lots of buildings and houses. After the Notre Dame fire, 300 tons of a lead ceiling was disintegrated and about millions of money was wasted.

The Notre Dame did a lot of fire damage and the walls and ceiling were caught in the fire. No people were dead or injured but people watched while Notre Dame was collapsing and the ceiling fell off in the fire, people were crying and sad that something that was part of history where they lived was caught in the fire and will always remember it. The French president Emmanuel macron says Notre Dame will be rebuilt in 5 years and the cathedral will be made out of stone but the heat could pressure it and damage the rock surface. Notre Dame’s greatest items have been saved by firefighters and are still here.