Hidden Secrets and a Creepy Story Behind Disneyland


Have you every wondered if Disneyland is keeping secrets from their guests? Today, we will be exposing the hidden secrets and creepy story’s of Disneyland.

Disneyland has always been known as the happiest place on Earth, but there is some things that the happiest place on Earth has been keeping from us. Okay, so you’ve been to Disneyland and you’ve taken a picture with Mickey, and it seems the most honest place on Earth, but is it? Read the list below to figure out some of Disneyland’s private secrets:

#1 The hidden basketball court inside the Matterhorn roller coaster

Did you know there is a hidden basketball court inside the haunted mansion just for staff? The tiny basketball court has a full backboard and net, and sits in a small attic-like space near the top of the Matterhorn. Pretty cool, right?

#2 The Plants in Tomorrowland are all edible

“Plants of Tomorrowland – Agriculture. Tomorrowland: In the future, imagine all free space will be used to grow food for an immense population. Red Kale, White Kale, Garden Sage, Strawberry Guava bushes and a couple Orange Trees can be found in this little garden between the Astro Orbiter & Central Plaza”. Yes, the plants in Tomorrowland are edible!

#3 Real Human Skeletons and Bones were used for Props in the Pirates of the Caribbean when the park first Opened.

Can you believe that real human skeletons were used as props when the ride in the Pirates of the Caribbean first opened?  I can’t. The skeleton props and robots used throughout the attraction were once made of real human skeletons! And some people, including former Disney employees, insist that a few of them still are. As you can see in this picture, a skeleton is admiring himself in the mirror, while laying in bed. The skeleton, some believe, that is on the head bored, is actually real! This is still in there today…

#4 Disneyland Tickets were only $3.50 when the Park First Opened

Okay, so this isn’t a complete secret, but it is so crazy. Today, tickets are around $180, but used to be only $3.50. I wish I was alive in 1955 when the park first opened, then I could go on a lot of fun rides that were open then, for a cheaper price. Back in 1955 tickets that were about 4 dollar, is like tickets that are about 10 dollars now, which is still way cheaper then the current price.

#5 You Can Ride with the Conductor on the Monorail if you Ask Politely

Club 33 is an ultra-exclusive 5 star restaurant in Disneyland. It has been secretly located in heart of New Orleans Square on “33 Royal Street.” Most likely, you have already walked past it with not even knowing it was there! This secret club was originally intended to be for Disney’s corporate sponsors and other industry VIP’s when it opened in, May, 1967. Did you know many celebrities, and even the U.S president, have been spotted at Club 33! The Club sounds amazing, until you here the insane price. Online sources say that the initial fee for corporate members is $40,000 and for individual members it is $25,000 to join.

Walt Disney’s Candle Lit Window

To end this crazy article, we thought we should add a disturbing, but awesome story about Walt Disney (or maybe his ghost)! Whenever Walt Disney used to visit Disneyland, he would stay in a secret apartment with his family. The apartment was (and still is) above Main Street USA’s fire station. Have you ever heard the story about what happened in that apartment? Well, this is that story. Whenever Walt wanted to observe what was happening in the park without leaving his peace and quiet, he would light the candle in the window, and look out. Walt Disney passed away on December 15, 1966. When he died, Disney cast members thought it would be a good idea to leave the light on to show that his presence was still there. But one day, a new cast member went inside to clean some of the antiques in the apartment and turned the light off without knowing its meaning. Then, right after she turned it off, she heard a voice. Many people, including the cast member, say the voice was Walt Disney saying “I’m still here.” No one has turned the light off to that day, and you can still see the light in the window when you walk by!

This is the real light!

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