The Real Truth Behind Childhood Enterainment


Have you ever wondered what your childhood entertainment actually means? We all have seen the original Disney movies as a kid, or maybe even recently, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.. But we don’t actually know the meanings behind them. A lot of movies, shows, and songs aren’t actually what you think they are about. A lot of them have sad or dark truths behind them.  

Ring Around The Rosie

When I was little, I would always sing “Ring Around The Rosie” but I never really knew what it was about. The song Ring Around The Rosie is actually about the Plague. The line, “ashes, ashes, we all fall down” is referring to people burning the dead bodies so the disease wouldn’t spread more. Also, the line “pockets full of posey” means pockets full of flowers to keep the smell away. This song showed a different and dark message that kids didn’t think it was. 

Peter Pan

The story of Peter Pan, by James Matthew Barrie, as we originally know, is where a boy named Peter Pan flies into the kids’ bedroom coming from Neverland, where all kids stay young. Peter Pan then takes the three kids, Wendy and her two brothers, to Neverland and tries to make them stay there. Neverland is actually heaven and that is why kids there do not age. Peter Pan tries to get Wendy and her brothers to stay in Neverland, so he is basically trying to kill them (because Neverland is heaven).

Peter Pan also kills many pirates in the movie, but as kids, it doesn’t mean much because we think Peter Pan is the good guy. Peter Pan is not actually that good of a person. To go along with killing pirates, he chopped off Captain Hook’s hook and then fed him to the giant crocodile.

Sleeping Beauty

As we know, Sleeping Beauty by Disney is the story of a girl who pricks her finger on a needle and then gets cursed into a deep sleep. The only way for her to wake up is from a true love’s kiss. The truth behind what we see, is actually much worse.

What happened in the original story, by Charles Perrault, is that Sleeping Beauty was put to sleep because of a prediction, not a curse. And one day, a king snuck into Sleeping Beauty’s castle and assaulted, then impregnated her while she was still in a deep sleep. Nine months later, while she is still asleep, she gives birth to two children. Instead of a king coming and kissing her to wake up, one of her children was sucking on her finger and removed a piece of fiber which was keeping her asleep.

I still love all of these and I am not saying you can’t watch them or love them. I just think that sometimes it is important to know the meaning behind them just to be informed. The good thing is that Disney modifies movies to make them good and appropriate for children.