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When you think of private school, you probably would imagine uniforms and kids that think that they are better than everyone. Well, I can tell you from personal experience that these things are true, but it is much more than that. Private school is a school that is a supported private organization rather than the government. Unlike public schools, private schools are able to select students to attend their school. Private schools are also religious and offer a variety that are Catholic, Christian, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Seventh Day Adventist, Quaker, Jewish, and dozens of more religions are represented within private schools. Each private school can decide what it will teach and how it will teach it, which can make private schools different from each other, but they all revolve around the same idea and the same overall lifestyle at one. From the long school hours to the small classes, private school is truly a journey that might be for you to explore.

Parents like to send their kids to private schools because of their amazing amount of help and academics! They are not wrong, for private school has both of these. As you might know, private school has smaller classes. Smaller classes help your child focus and it individually helps student’s weak areas and to advance their strengths! Adding to classes, private schools have great libraries! Their libraries are very big with super-literate librarians who can advise kids and families on reading selections and academic research. Another good option they have is that they have good quality food. They also have food safety provided to every private school. “Any high-volume kitchen needs to follow certain food safety practices and protocols in order to ensure the safety and satisfaction of their workers and diners. This includes kitchens used in private school dining service programs,” say’s Culinart group. Smaller classes, quality food, amazing libraries, oh, and did i mention that private schools are independently funded? That means that they are not supported by the government. Wow, there are a lot of facts about private school! Next time you look for a good type of school, remember these pros that come with it.

Although private schools have better resources and a higher variety of extracurricular activities, there are some bad things that you should consider if you want to attend a private school. For one, private schools can be very expensive. Most people don’t send their children to private school because it is either they are too far away, or they cost too much money for the average working parent to afford. According to researchers, the average cost of a private school is $7,770! This is just the average yearly cost of an elementary private school. The average cost of a private high school is much more at $13,030! Public schools do not cost any money for tuition, but do have a fee of 10-100 dollars for school supplies. If you think that the school dress code is bad, the private school dress code is a lot worse. Most private schools have uniforms which completely limits your options on clothes. It is also important to note that private schools are extremely small. According to CAPE, 87 percent of private schools have less than 300 students. This means that there aren’t a lot of people for students to branch out to meet and possibly become friends with which can affect their social skills later on in life. It would also be important that private schools can affect public schools. So, when thinking about attending a private school, remember these cons that come with it.

In conclusion, Private schools have all sorts of good and bad facts, yet, it is up to you which one you would like to stick with! Private schools have a variety of good academics, but cost a lot of money. Our pros and cons are to help you see what the daily life of a private school is like. Different private schools include different academics, religion, and more! Choose wisely between public or private, and remember the information we provided you.

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