The Dark Side of Christmas!


By Ariana Guzman and Nicole Kalosh

You might think that Christmas is a time to enjoy, but this article will change the whole season for you. Mall fights, expensive gifts, and hectic times are all the symptoms of a bad christmas waiting to come. So watch out at the mall for any crazy parent, expensive toy, and any bad times because something worse could happen at any moment.

Getting presents for Christmas seems easy right? You would probably never think of having mall fights as a problem but during Christmas it’s very common. People Magazine says that there were many fights that happened nationwide including hundreds of people the day after Christmas. The fights included teens who went out of control. People says that even some of the kids got arrested. A website says that the day after Christmas is the busiest day of the year with more than 60,000 people entering with 10 times the normal traffic at a mall in Sacramento. So the next time you want to go shopping during Christmas be careful.

Other than mall fights during Christmas the expensive presents are also a part of the bad side of Christmas. As a kid you may think that Christmas is the best part of the year with the thought that you will go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning with all the lights on the tree lit up with presents underneath and get the rush of excitement to wake up your parents early in the morning to open them! Seems all exciting as a kid but as you grow up you start to see that Christmas is actually the most expensive time of the year! With only little time, great deals, and a lot of money, parents seem to work out a way for their children to have the best holiday of the year. In different places with different families the money parents spend on per child each year is very different but the average ranges from $500 to $1000 per kid! This price ranges depending the situation and circumstances the family is in. According to Today magazine studies show that the most spoiled kids are either a little kid (6,7,8) or an only child because parents have no other kids to spend their money on. These are just one of the examples of how celebrating Christmas has its ups and downs. So be careful next holiday and make sure you don’t spend to much.

Mall fights and expensive gifts aren’t the only reason for a bad Christmas. The holidays are the most rushed and overwhelming times. Lately Christmas has been so hectic nobody has time to keep old traditions going. An online website says that 68% of people currently are too busy shopping they don’t have time to keep the original Christmas traditions going. The same website also says that 74% of adults won’t even consider singing carols anymore. The website also says that 16% of people will skip out on Christmas turkey. So many things are stressing out people that everyone has lost the meaning and happiness of Christmas. Next year make sure not to lose the special touch of Christmas and spend time with your friends and family doing the things you love.

In conclusion Christmas is a time to spend with your friends and family. Christmas isn’t about the gifts or worth the time spent getting them. So next Christmas, remember to do what you love and spend time on the family traditions, and not the silly gifts.