McDonalds–Eat at Your Own Risk


When you hear the word McDonalds you instantly think of the popular fast food restaurant. But, do you consider the health hazards that come with eating their products? I have been going to McDonalds since I was a kid…but, that doesn’t mean that what we like is actually good for us.

McDonalds out of the advertisements.

In reality, McDonalds is a very addicting restaurant that causes issues among peoples diets. Lets talk the most famous foods on their menu, their burgers and chicken nuggets. The ads for their restaurant make them look delicious. Food decomposes over time, unless you eat the McDonalds nuggets. These foods also contain high sodium and and unhealthy fat, as well as unknown preservatives. As for the chicken nuggets, they contain 57 % unhealthy fat. If eaten in large amounts, this chemical can be toxic.

On their menu, there is a big mac that releases a certain set of a ‘feel good’ chemical, which compare to taking drugs. Most food usually decomposes  It can sometimes take up to three days to digest a Big Mac, all of these are very bad for your health. Eating McDonalds on a regular schedule can lead to weight gain. This also increases your cholesterol level. All that fat, sugar and salt make it taste amazing, which activates the release of the ‘feel good’ chemical, pleasure Hormone Dopamine. Hormone dopamine is a chemical that sends signals to your brain that makes you feel happy, which is why so many people buy McDonalds food.

Also, McDonalds pumps their animals with chemicals to enhance their growth and fight infections, these chemicals can be passed onto other foods. Although animals need some medication to prevent illnesses, many of them aren’t necessary and may harm the animals that you may end up consuming. Some chicken nuggets contain preservatives that can be found in the gas you put in your car. In a place like McDonalds they will use the cheapest meat they can find in order to save money.

Ways of Enhancing your Taste Experience

The employees, who have suffered burn injuries, and pressure to cook food too quickly are the main causes of injury. They also claim many McDonald’s A restaurants lack basic first aid and protective gear for burn injuries.

The statistics..

As the years go on, McDonalds health gets worse and worse. Big Mac: Sugar went up by 221%, French Fries: Calories went  up by 42.8% Vanilla Milkshake: Calories went up by 25.2%, Cheeseburger: Sugar went up by 248%, Quarter Pounder with Cheese: Sugar went up by 285%. The increased health issue with McDonalds is going up by the year.

In conclusion, McDonalds is very unhealthy and can be very unsanitary. We all love some fast food every once and a while, but frequent consumption can lead to health issues in the long run. Personally, I love McDonalds, but it isn’t something to get addicted to with all the dopamine in it. No wonder they call it a happy meal. 

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