The History of Gucci


Gucci. The high-end, luxury brand that is known worldwide for its classic double G logo on it’s leather goods. You see their products everywhere, from the United States to Europe and Asia and many more. Most people don’t know about the history and how it grew to what it is, which is important to how it’s as popular as it is today.

Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. The name “Gucci” comes from the founders name. Gucci’s first store was opened in Florence on Via Vigna Nuova and shortly after in Via Del Parione. It started out as a small store selling fine leather goods to horsemen. He employed skilled artisan craftsmen, who crafted the leather goods with extreme detail. Soon, with the help of his sons, he opened stores in Rome (1938) and Milan (1951).

After this, the brand grew. In 1953, Gucci opened its first store in New York, which was its first ever store in the U.S. Sadly, 15 days after the NY store opened, the founder of Gucci, Guccio Gucci, passed away. In 1961, Gucci opened stores in Palm Beach and London, along with re-naming a bag that was named the ‘Fifties Constance’ to ‘Jackie’ after Jackie Kennedy wore it, giving the bag immense popularity. Her choices of clothing and accessories had great influence to people back then. 5 years later in 1966, Gucci made a special Flora scarf print for the Princess of Monaco, otherwise known as Grace Kelly. This along with the recognition from Jackie Kennedy gave Gucci a huge boost in popularity and many people began to recognize the brand for their high quality products that many important people started to like and enjoy. People were and still are willing to pay the high prices because the of the quality of the product and how long they can and will last. In 1975, they released their first fragrance which is now a huge point of business for them, as they sell them in Gucci stores along with other stores.

Gucci now is a worldwide known luxury brand, as I stated earlier. But, after its start, how has it become so popular and well known to generations now? First off, in December 2014, Marco Bizzarri became the CEO of Gucci and hired Alessandro Michele as creative director. These two completely redesigned Gucci, preparing it for the next generation. The two of them got rid of outdated ideas that were holding the brand back. They removed the historic faces of the brand, such as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly, and replaced them with more relevant figures, such as Rhianna.

Another way they made the brand more popular and appealing was through Social Media, which is very popular in lives of kids, teenagers, and adults today. Gucci has accumulated over 30 million followers on the popular social media platform, Instagram. The brand has become much more present in the digital world once Michele became Creative Director. With the assistance of these two men, Gucci was becoming new and different, aiming its products at the new generation, and succeeding in the process. I think that without this digital presence, the brand would’ve not succeeded as much as it did under the new leaders of Gucci.

I personally have a few Gucci products, and I enjoy them because they are very high quality and won’t get tarnished after short amounts of time. Also, their products don’t go out of style and you can wear them for years on end, and retains its value.  I also am very interested in fashion and like knowing the history behind what I wear. I also like to know how the brand I may be wearing got to where it is today.

Now, Gucci is a huge designer brand, with around 540 stores worldwide. It accumulated a total global revenue of 93.3 billion dollars in 2018, making the brand extremely successful. It’s history also makes it very interesting and it helps us understand how the brand became so successful.