Top Three Shane Dawson Conspiracy Theories That Will Blow Your Mind!


Today we will be talking about three mind-blowing conspiracies that will make you see these things, places, and people in a whole new perspective. Have you ever thought about how Chuck E Cheese makes their pizza, how the LA Fire started, and if Britney Spears is a clone? Well, in this article you will read about all of those conspiracies and see for yourself if you think they are true or not.

We all know the famous blonde pop star… or do we? To the eye, Britney is the same person she has been all her life, but maybe she’s not. According to Shane Dawson(A popular YouTube who does conspiracy theories and other videos), in the past Britney created a secret album that she didn’t tell anyone about called Original Doll. One specific song on her album is the song called “Mona Lisa” that Britney wanted to release.According to Shane, Britney’s record label didn’t want anyone to hear it because they thought the song was too weird.  “Mona Lisa” is about someone being cloned, which may have referred to Britney and what she really is. The record label probably didn’t want it released because they might have thought it was true. The songs on this album were unusual and strange but Britney didn’t care about what her record label thought, so she went to a radio station and released the song. Her record label was so mad about what she did it and to this day the album and songs have never officially been released. But you be the judge. Why would a superstar need to get some air play from a small radio station, unless it wasn’t really Brittany to begin with.

Is it really true? The conspiracy theory about the government shooting invisible lasers to start fires? We might never know. But what I do know is that the government may be creating fires with direct energy weapons/lasers that are destroying homes and the lives of people. Why would the government do this, you might be asking yourself. Well, because people say that they were trying to distract us from what happened in Las Vegas a year ago. According to Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory video an expert says that right before the fire, there was an energy strike and then the fire started which means that the fire started by a direct energy weapon/laser. This conspiracy theory shows how the government sets fires with lasers in certain places because they were targeting direct spots for reasons that we don’t know about. The aftermath of these fires was devastating to people and their families. But to other people their house would be completely fine, even though the house right next to it was burned to the ground and the house and the trees right next to it would be completely untouched. The government may have been using lasers to target locations with a direct hit resulting in massive fires that spread over 100,000 acres.

In Addition to all the conspiracies about people and places that no one can really test, there are some conspiracies that people can do and try to see for themselves. Just like the conspiracy theory that Chuck E Cheese reuses their own pizza. People have many reasons to say this, including the fact that their pizza crusts don’t line up when the pizza comes out.

Maybe some slices had been taken from other pizzas that have been eaten before, then Chuck E Cheese would melt more cheese on top to make it look fresher. A popular YouTube Shane Dawson decided to look into this one himself. He went to his local Chuck E Cheese and right when he walked in there was already a sign that had said “pizza made fresh” which they thought was a red flag right away. They get their order and when the pizza comes Shane and his friends were stunned. This was because they had already noticed that the pizza crusts don’t add up, and neither do the slices. Shane had also said in his video ,“It looks like they had taken slices of other pizzas, and put them together, then melted cheese on top to make it look like it was all done at the same time”. For this, more people have tested this theory and became a really popular topic, and Chuck E Cheese is still denying the accusations made against them, but I guess we will really never know.

In conclusion, these conspiracies are very mind boggling and you would probably never think of them before. Of course we can’t change your mind so it is up to you to decide if they are true or not.