Can’t Buy A Pet Anymore?


Mark Taylor

Ginger kitten, Tom, 9 weeks old, with Cavapoo pup and Sandy Lop rabbit

A lot of people like dogs, cats, and rabbits, right? The answer is . . . of course they do! What is there not to like? They are cute, fluffy, loyal, and an amazing companion. Lucky for us and our shelter animals, we can now buy sheltered cats, dogs, and rabbits from pet stores. A man named Jerry Brown, on October 2017, approved a new state law to come into place. The state law had went into place on January 1st, 2019, that requires all pet stores to have dogs, cats, and rabbits from rescue organizations rather than breeders.

Yes, it is true that California has become the first state to Bar pet all stores from selling rabbits, cats, and dogs unless they come from rescue groups or animal shelters. Bar pet, in this situation, is to prohibit. This law took place on Tuesday, after Gov. Jerry Brown signed these rules on October of 2017. Adding to the rise of controversies, the law is targeting breeding facilities. These factories, mills, and facilities most often operate with little or no oversight. According to the New York Times , the fact sheet for the legislation states, “house animals in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate food, water, socialization, or veterinary care”.

In our regular pounds and pet shelters, our poor animals get mistreated and killed if their future owner does not come soon to buy them. Now, we would be transferring them to our local pet stores in California so this tragedy does not happen again. Even though our pet stores can not sell animals other than the ones from shelters or pounds, they can still host adoptions. This criteria is good so non- shelter and rescue dogs have at least one place to be adopted at.

Just imagine, If puppies or kittens do not stay in pounds, they will not be put down as often now that pet stores can only sell shelter and rescue animals. While overpopulated shelters and abandoned pets are nationwide problems, California is the very first state to pass this law. This isn’t only a, “ big win for our four-legged friends,” said Patrick O’Donnell, the state assemblyman. It is also a win for California taxpayers who, “spend more than $250 million annually to house and euthanize animals in our shelters.” For our tax payers, they do not have to worry about euthanize (putting down animals) or taking care of as many animals in our shelters.

In conclusion, our furry friends will have no doubt of finding a sooner home now that they can be up for sale in our pet stores. Pets all over our state of California can be at alternative peace knowing they will soon have a nice, warm home now that most of them will be at pet stores up for adoption. Gov. Jerry Brown, with the help of Patrick O’Donnell, have helped animals have a less percent chance of animals being put down. Next time you go out to buy a pet, go to a pet store and find a fun companion to play with!

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