Odd Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist

Odd Inventions You Won't Believe Exist

What weird inventions have you ever thought of creating? Well, they may already exist. How about pizza scissors, corner frames, or even a BBQ boat! There are many inventions out there that are pretty useful, odd, and extravagant, but no one seems to know about them. Inventors are not the only ones that engineer these creations. We explored and explained the wackiest inventions that we believed would be amusing. These inventions will surprise you, blow your mind, and might convince you to try one of these crazy inventions out, even though they might be pricey.

  Aquarium Sink

Yes, you heard it right, an aquarium sink.  Created by a team called Moody, you can get yourself your own aquarium sink for $4,500! This lets you examine fish while washing your hands, or brushing your teeth. It allows you to discover the beauty of marine life right in your restroom. It was invented in 2008, for these reasons. While it may be more expensive than your normal sink, it has a feature that’s very unique. It has many useful parts to it too! It has a removable top to have easy access to clean it, two circular entries,  its own filtration system, water circulation, and oxygenation. This would definitely be the coolest, and most unique item in your house. Maybe you are really bored in your bathroom you can watch your fish in its natural habitat that you may not be able to see every day. 

HourGlass LED Lights

Do you ever think a traffic light is taking forever? Well now, you can see how long it really takes, and know when it’s going to turn red, green, or yellow. It was developed by Thanva Tivawong. The hourglass shows how much longer along with a 3-2-1 countdown in a yellow color, when it’s going from green to red or red to green. This light could eventually replace normal traffic lights. This light could be very expensive for communities and towns, because of the certain type of light used. The picture above shows an example of what one might look like. If it just turned to a red light, the virtual hourglass starts. When it gets to about halfway it means to wait just a little longer. When it is ready to turn green it counts down from 3 and when it gets to 1, the hourglass turns green. Then, when the hourglass is over, the light turns yellow and does another countdown and the cycle repeats. This would be amazing for impatient drivers and just any driver out there on the road who wants to know when the light turns.

GPS Shoes

Have you ever gotten lost walking? Well now that’s impossible. GPS Shoes. Yes, these are real things, and they can be very helpful. You can tell the shoes where you are going, and there are LED lights that light up in which direction you have to go. It has custom made mapping software, USB cable, and the GPS is in the heel. You can activate the with a heel click. It then shows the shoe wearer where to go with mini LED lights to point in the required direction. The right shoe has a bar of lights that shows how close you are to the required destination. It was created by Dominic Wilcox in 2012.

These odd inventions seem a little weird to you, but they can be helpful, and they do exist. These inventions were not made recently ,but created maybe a decade ago which shows just how much potential we have. Two of these inventions came from the invention of LED. They all come from inspiration and even though these inventions are pricey, they are still extravagant, original, and some of the coolest invention of our lifetime.