What is Roblox?


Your feet hit the bright green grass. As you get a good look around, you notice that you are wearing a bright orange jumpsuit, with benches and fences around you. Other people who are wearing the same thing walk by. You notice other players in another room, with sheriff uniforms on. You automatically know where you are, a prison. While you watch your fellow prisoners attempt to jump the fence, and some trying to blow up the wall, you know your objective.

This is an example of one of the most popular games, Jailbreak, on the website. Roblox. was released in 2005, and is a game for developers, builders, and people just looking to play a game. Roblox is a multiplayer site with millions of games to choose from, it has limitless options to design your own game. Not only can you design your own game, but you can customize your own avatar, which will be presented when you play a game. With all of these games and options to choose from, it makes for a fun time with a  wide variety of players. I have been playing this game for over three years, and have enjoyed playing games with friends and meeting new people. Not only have I been playing games, but have recently started to create them for my friends and I to enjoy.

When you first open the game, whether on a PC or a portable device, you will either come across the sign in or sign up page on your home page. Once you sign up with a password and your username, you are ready to play a game. To find a game, you can go onto the main page, with many options to choose from. You can even look up certain games to play! Almost all games in Roblox are multiplayer. Since most games are multiplayer, you have the option to play with your friends or even make them! To do this, you can request to friend them in game or search their username. Along with these features, you can talk to other players through a chat. There are settings to change this if you do not want to be interacting with strangers.  

Of course, this game is called Roblox, but what do the games actually look like? Most games are very block-like with some exceptions. This very much varies on what game you join, and some can look very interesting and realistic, or some can look like they took about five minutes. If you have ever played the game Bloxburg, you would understand what a well-built and coded game can look like. Bloxsburg lets players build houses, get a job, go to a restaurant, throw a party, and so much more! However, not every game is like this. A lot of games have been copied and pasted, meaning people have stolen others work and called it their own.

Many parents wonder if Roblox is a safe game for their child, especially since it is multiplayer. Like almost any game online, there are risk involves. However, it is very easy to ensure you or someone you know is safe. Roblox allows you to change your privacy settings, which impacts who you chat with, request to be friends with, join your game, and see your inventory. With these features, it’s very unlikely for you to be at risk of someone trying to get personal information. Most of the time, the game is not fun without chat, which is why most young children can be at risk of predators. The target audience for Roblox is twelve and up, but all players are welcome with adult supervision and restricted settings. Players can easily report people who disobey the rules. You can report a player and ensure yours and other safety when they do not follow these rules here.

Many games online offer in app purchases, including Roblox, which is called Robux. Robux is what players buy using real life money in exchange for profile items and can also be used to buy game passes or objects in games. Game passes can be used in a game to often get advantages, items normal players wouldn’t get, roles in games, and much more. Although Robux is a great way to have a better experience, many people will try to scam you. Recently, there were millions of bots who would join you in game and tell you to go to their website. As of now, they are still a huge problem and many people have lost their accounts in hope of getting free Robux. This is very much against the rules, and anyone caught having a giveaway or scamming someone can be banned.

Roblox also effects other online websites. With the millions of active players on Roblox, there is a lot of talk about it outside of the game. This includes YouTube, with many Roblox youtubers, like Denis Daily, and Flamingo. These youtubers have an astonishing following, with a combined subscriber amount of 10,007,740. With all of those subscribers, the two are able to make a living and play games as their full time job. Not only can youtubers make a living out of Roblox, but top developers of the games have made over two million per year!

Roblox is a great game for people to express their creativity and connect with others through building and gaming. The game allows anyone to learn better coding and building, and many have found their passion through this game. Through this game, I have found out my love for video games, and creating them myself. I have also found a way to connect with friends and enjoy doing so. With all of the things you can do in Roblox, it’s hard to get bored!