The Best Ice Cream In Los Angeles


Want to know where the best ice cream is? It may even be nearby! If you love ice cream, and you live near Los Angeles, then consider this. Salt and Straw is a place in Los Angeles where crowds of people gather to get delicious ice cream and socialize. This is no ordinary ice cream. The strange and delicious flavors are what makes this place unique.



You may think: how did Salt and Straw even start? Well, the answer to that is when the founders, Kim and Tyler Malek, decided to change their path in life. Kim says , “‘I’ve wanted to open an ice cream shop since 1996. I love great neighborhood places, and I thought an ice cream shop would be the perfect place for folks to run into their neighbors, spend time with friends and family and just treat themselves to a good time”’ Tyler decided to join along. When Kim started working on the idea to create Salt & Straw, Tyler had just moved home from studying business in China. He decided he was on the wrong path in life and wanted to become a chef instead. He bought an ice cream maker and began  testing recipes and sending Kim the ideas. Before Kim knew it, Tyler moved to Portland. He was making ice cream in the kitchen and then Salt and Straw started. In the late spring of 2011, they opened their first ice cream shop after a successful ice cream stand.

Although we know Salt and Straw has made many accomplishments, every good thing has drawbacks. For one thing, the prices are high. People may not feel the urge to spend extra money on ice cream when they can just go to a cheaper ice cream shop. Another thing is that exotic flavors are not be everyone’s favorite. These flavors are only for those people who are adventurers. However, there is still a flavor for everyone regardless of their preferences.

Why is it popular?

Flavors like Black Olive Brittle, Strawberry and Avocado Sorbet, and Goat Cheese is what makes this place special. It is located on 240 N Larchmont Blvd according to darling magazine. The way this ice cream stands out from its competitors is it’s large variety of strange flavors. This is what convinces people to come here. Their variety of flavors is only one thing that brings new customers in everyday!  “There’s a lot of great ice cream out there, so we knew ours couldn’t just be like everything else. It had to be special” There are still flavors that people will love like: Double Fold Vanilla, Chocolate Gooey Brownie, and Freckled Woodblock Chocolate, according to the menu. This, along with its unique selection is what makes it the best in Los Angeles. According to Darling magazine, the atmosphere of the people around them: “‘the magic really happens between the people who gather there”’(darling magazine). This shows how the type of customers that Salt and Straw get are very nice people and they show the employees respect. The establishment’s name has an interesting story behind it. Early ice cream stores used rock salt to freeze the ice cream. Then, it was packed in straw to keep it cold. This process evolved over the years due to the development of refrigeration.

Personal experience:

I personally have been to Salt and Straw and can say it was very good and has many interesting flavors. The environment is very nice and clean. Something else that I noticed when I was there was there is always a very long line with many people. Although many crazy flavors are on the menu, there are as well regular flavors. From as far as one block away you are able to smell the sweet and delicious waffle cones being made and the very inviting ice cream. Lastly, from my experience with Salt and Straw the employees were very nice and the ice cream was amazing!

In conclusion, not many people are able to gather courage to start a business from scratch, but Kim and Tyler have, and they turned out to be a success. They are an inspiration toward entrepreneurs and they provide delicious flavors to the public.



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