Nail-Biting Fashion

Did you know coloring one’s nails originated as early as 3200 BC? Babylonian warriors would color their nails and lips before going into battle. Chinese royals and those of higher ranking wore brighter red colors, and peasants or servants wore clear or pink colors. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, used henna to color her nails, and her favorite color was blood red. In 1878, Mary Cobb invented the emory board (a rough board that is used to file down and shape your nails) and in the 1980’s ESSIE (a popular nail polish brand) becomes a household name.

Essie Nail Polish

We have thousands of colors available at a cheap price at your local drug store…but just because nail polish is available, doesn’t mean that creating a style that looks good is easy. Nail designs have been popular for a long time, but choosing the wrong style will not look as stylish. Nail art is an incorporation of nail shapes, nail polish colors, and patterns and pictures, and while trends can take you pretty far, it’s sometimes best to choose the designs that will flatter your hands. There are many nail shapes, but most people just end up with going with squoval (rounded square) or coffin styles. To find the best nail shape for you, and your lifestyle, you should know the options.


Round shapes look best on hands with wide nail beds, are great for those who want to make their fingers look longer, and is a good go-to style. Almond shaped nails are good for wide, short fingers, and make your hands look longer while still being natural. Oval shaped nails (my personal favorite)

Coffin or Ballerina Nails

are similar to rounded nails, but are a little longer and their top is more rounded. They make small hands look slimmer and will generally look good on anyone. Square nails look best on long thin fingers, and make fingers look a bit wider, and they are low maintenance and are easier to work with. A natural but still pretty style is the squoval. Many people admire this style because it doesn’t need too much nail length and it is a very achievable look that you can pull off in minutes. Stiletto nails are the sharp pointed nails you see in magazines. They draw the eye to the tip and make your hands look longer, and very pretty. The downside is it’s not very practical, because the only way to achieve it is through regular salon upkeep, or the use of false nails. Finally, the nail style that is sweeping the fashion world, Ballerina nails. Also known as coffin nails, these nails are long, tapered nails that end with a flat top that, if executed properly, end up looking very sleek and fierce. This style requires long, strong nails, and if you don’t fit the qualifications, fake nails are the way to go. Remember your shape choice, because it’s time to choose your colors.

Stilleto Nails

When it comes to color, you can choose almost anything and it will look good, but certain colors just give your hands an extra oomph. There are many factors to take into account such as your skin tone, and goals (like wanting slimmer or younger looking hands). For fair skin, try a blush- like, cherry, sheer, or retro pink, or an oceanic or electric blue. For lightly tanned skin tones, try a coral-like orange or pink, or a grey or white tinted blue. Olive skin tones look elegant with bright oranges and dark reds, and dark skin tones look sweet with bright pastel-like colors. Of course, people have countless different skin tones and preferences, so there is no real guide to the perfect polish color, and no one is trying to offend anyone, but sometimes it’s fun to see what other people think. For more information, some websites have ideas about what certain colors say about your personality.

There are many nail shapes and colors on the market, and it can be hard to choose just one. Every style has pros and cons, and every color looks good, but when it comes down to it, you want to choose the style that will flatter your hands.