Get to Know Mrs. Duclos

Teacher Feature!


Madeline and Marisa

Get to Know Mrs. Duclos

Teacher Feature!

By: Madeline Fraenkel and Marisa Ferreira


When you walk into Mrs. Duclos classroom you see not a teacher, but a friend. Everyone knows Mrs. Duclos by her two braids, fun clothes, and bright personality. She was born on March 30th, but won’t tell anyone what year. Mrs. Duclos makes everyone feel like they have a role in her class, and that everyone is smart if they just try. Duclos says “Making mistakes just means that you are trying”. She is a good teacher because she always keeps the kids safe and try’s to make sure that they are all considerate to each other. “I love all of my students and think that we all treat each other with kindness and respect.”  If she could have dinner with anyone she would have dinner with Michelle Obama. Three words that Mrs. Duclos says that describe her are honest, kind, and curious. “The thing that I like best about Hermosa Valley is all of the teachers and students.” We asked our teacher Mr. Coleman what does he think of Mrs. Duclos as a teacher and he said, “I think that Mrs. Duclos is the friendliest teacher I have met, always willing to help, and is very adaptable in the sense of being asked to teaching many different subjects.”

Mrs. Duclos teaches 6th grade Drama, Social studies, and Language arts. She has been teaching at Hermosa valley for 34 whole years. This loving teacher loves teaching everywhere and anywhere. Mrs. Duclos says, “I have never advocated for homework for our students. They are not lazy and they want to learn. Reading and observing nature is a great way for kids to improve their skills while they rest up for the next day of school.” About homework. Duclos also said that there are too many smart and fun kids at our school to pick favorites, and even if there weren’t she still wouldn’t pick favorites. One of her former student, Annabelle said, “I loved her class!” When we asked her about Mrs. Duclos.

When you think of a horseback rider, Mrs. Duclos is probably not the first person that pops into your head, but she loves riding her horse. I asked Marsia about what she thought about Mrs. Duclos’s horseback riding and she said, “I think that it is so awesome that she knows how to horseback ride.” She has has one horse named William. William is the baby of Mrs. Duclos first horse. When her first horse got old Mrs. Duclos sent her to a nice pasture to graze and then a few months later that horse had William. This fun teacher takes pride in how she takes care of her horse. She rides English and Dressage. English riding is the most basic type of riding. Dressage riding is the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. She loves riding on trails and looking at all that nature has to offer.  She started riding when she was 12 years old. Mrs. Duclos  rides in PV with William and always wears a helmet.

Besides being a teacher, Mrs. Duclos has a family of her own. The thing that Mrs. Duclos is most proud of is her family.  Her family consists of Mr. Duclos and her two kids. Mrs. Duclos is married to Jeff Duclos who is currently working as a public relations teacher and is a member of the Hermosa Beach city council. Her favorite food to cook for her family is mexican food. (She also likes to eat it.) Mrs. Duclos and her family love to travel and their favorite place to travel to is London, England. The first time that they went Mrs. Duclos and her daughter went horseback riding and her son and husband went sightseeing. Another one of their favorite places to travel is Morro Bay. She grew up in Monterey Bay and mostly San Diego. Duclos’s two kids are now grown up with families of their own. Her daughter works as a psychologist and her son works at a rehab facility. Her daughter has two boys and a girl and her son has one boy and is having a girl, this month.

Mrs. Duclos went to San Diego State College in California, for four years. She started college when she was 18 years old and started teaching in San Diego while she was still in college as substitute. Duclos got her degree from San Diego State University. Mrs. Duclos used to teach the 6th grade journalism elective. Now she is teaching Drama. We asked her which elective class that she likes to teach better and she said Drama. She said that she likes Drama better because it lets the kids be creative and experiences different characters. Mrs. Duclos says that in class all of the kids are usually quiet and timid, but when it is time to perform a skit or a scene from a play they love it.

Mrs. Duclos is planning on retiring this June and is planning on staying in Hermosa. Duclos says “See you around town”. Things that she is planning on doing when she is retired are visit her family more often, take care of her house, and cook healthy meals. Another thing that Mrs. Duclos is planning on doing is spend more time with her horse, William. We say this for everyone, but I will miss having Mrs. Duclos on our campus.