Book Review: Kingdom Keepers



Book Review: Kingdom Keepers

This book series is a fun read for fantasy and Disney fans!

Have you ever wondered what the Disney amusement parks look like after hours? Author Ridley Pearson paints a picture of the world of the parks after dark. The Kingdom Keepers series is a fantastic action-packed book group. The main characters, Finn, Charlene, Maybeck, Philby and Willa, travel throughout the parks. The Keepers  save the parks from the Overtakers, (or OTs), a group of Disney villains who are bent on taking over the parks and their characters. These characters will do anything to destroy all good in the parks, including the Kingdom Keepers.

The series begins with five teens who have signed up to become Disney host interactives, or DHIs, for the Magic Kingdom. The first keeper to find the odd side effects was Finn. When he went to sleep, he woke up in a “dream” where he was in the same Disney park, but after hours. During the dream, he meets Wayne Kresky, an Imagineer who practically grew up working for Walt Disney. When Finn moves throughout the parks, he sees characters such as Chip and Dale roaming freely around the parks. Finn thinks that this is just an odd dream. But Wayne tells him that if he looked at the moon then and again when he wakes up, he will find that it was in the same place.  Finn does as Wayne told and found the moon right where the man had told him. Eventually, the keepers learn that Finn was the first of them to “cross over”, a process where their holograms are turned on while they sleep, and they become their own holograms. The group of teens becomes known as the Kingdom Keepers.

With the exception of Wayne, no one can be trusted in the parks. The Overtakers are all around the keepers, lurking in the shadows. Even some of the supposed workers are OTs, just waiting for the keepers. On top of that, all of the characters, good and bad, are out there. The good Disney characters they hope to save, and the evil they hope to vanquish. Some of the rides are even against them, trying to hide the secrets they hold. The Keepers also have a “base camp,” which is actually the Sleeping Beauty castle. The villains also have a base, but that is secret until you read the books, and it moves around the majority of the time.    There is also a second series, where the evil they thought was gone came back, ready to kill. I have read all of the books up to the 2nd book of the second series, but will read more when the rest come out. This exciting series leaves you waiting to see what is going to be next to come and the fate of the Kingdom Keepers!