Behind the Scenes: Movie Sound Effects


Have you ever been watching Star Wars and thought what the light-saber sound really is, or in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, when the hamburgers falling from the sky. Professionals called Foley artists recreate different everyday sounds for many things. Sound effects can be made with many different items. Most of the items you wouldn’t even expect!

Sound effects are made in very different ways. These artists were named after a sound effect artist named Jack Foley. The sounds that they make are supposed to represent everyday noises you hear. These noises can be a phone, car, someone walking, or someone breathing. Once they create these noises, they add them to movie films, video, or any type of media. The only problem with doing sounds, it can take a very long time to record and redo it if they aren’t happy with it.

Most of the time Foley artists use everyday objects to make sound effects. For example, chopsticks to create the sound of a rat running around on pavement, and VHS tape for the sound of dry bushes moving around in the wind. There are many different ways to make these sounds. It also doesn’t just have to be something else that sounds like the sound they’re trying to make. Sometimes, people make the sound out of what it really is. For example for the sound of a waterfall, someone would pour a bucket of water, a few feet off the ground, and make it splash.

In the movie Star Wars, there are many different types of sound effects made. One of these sound effects are for the blaster pistols used by the storm troopers. This effect is made with a steel cable. What they would do, is hit the cable with a hammer. Another sound effect is the light-sabers. The sound effect for light sabers is microphone feedback from a tube TV. There is also the sound of TIE fighters. This sound is a recording of an elephant that had been altered in a studio.

Another movie with sound effects is Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. In this movie, as stated in the name, it rains meatballs and other foods. Hamburgers, one of the foods that fall from the sky, are made with a very funny item. The sound is made with wet paper towels. What Foley artists did, this would through wet paper towels and they would use the sound when they hit the floor. They used this technique for most food-sound noises in the movie. Also in this movie, there are different creatures that appear on screen. The way Foley artists made these noises are recordings of themselves. They edit these noises to make it more creature-like.

Foley artists also have an instrument they use to make sounds effects. It’s called a water phone. A water phone is an en harmonic acoustic percussion instrument.It has bronze rods with different lengths and diameters around the edge. The instrument is meant to be for the sound effects for horror movies.

There are many different ways that Foley artists use to make sounds. They use everyday items, random items, and instruments. It could take a while for just one sound. Sometimes Foley artists even accidentally discover a sound that they could use for a film. So, the next time you are watching a movie, remember that Foley artists are using many items to recreate different sounds. artist/