What It Takes To Be a Professional Athlete

     When you think about a professional athlete, what comes to your mind? Is it the hard work, training, and focus you need to have every day to make sure that you can become the best? Or is it what you’ll do when you get there, rather than focusing on how and why you will become a professional athlete? There have been many great athletes that have put in the hard work and training since they were very, very young. In this article we will be talking about how and what you need to do to become a professional at any sport. Image result for weight lifting

     It takes many years of practice and hard work to master what sport you play. Athletes need to learn the rules of the game, techniques, how to prepare for college, high school, and clubs/school teams. Some may need trainers and private lessons to become even better then they already are. Some things these athletes work on while they are training and practicing are athleticism, dedication, stamina, concentration, and hand eye coordination. Many athletes (if they are ready and good enough) don’t need an education or a degree. They are either scouted or get picked up by colleges. These are some things that athletes need to become a professional and how they do it. Image result for sprinting

     Many athletes, to become a professional, have to go through more than just making it to the draft. It’s true that sports, like basketball and football, get you straight to a pro team, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Sports such as baseball are different, because when you get drafted you have to go through a series of lower league teams, then major league teams. In basketball, the lower league is called the G league. It also takes a lot to focus on your normal life when you’re a professional athlete. If you become a professional athlete, most times your job will follow you wherever you go. Most of the time it’s like becoming a very famous actor or singer. All of this has an affect on what you do everyday and how you behave outside and in your job. Image result for training ladder

     Sadly though, even if you are good in middle school and high school, and excel all throughout college, there is a very low percentage that you will become a professional. If you want to become a professional baseball player, keep in mind that 0.6% of high-school students play professionally and 11.6% of college players go pro. If you want to go pro in basketball, the percentages of college players that become professional athletes are a hardworking 1.2%. A lucky 0.03% of high-school students become professional athletes, as well. Finally, if you want to become a professional football player, the changes are slim: 1.7% college players and 0.08% high-school students make it to that point. These players put so much time and effort into these sports, and they make a lot of sacrifices. They have to put more effort in to sports rather than into academics. On top of that, these are just some of the percentages that make and break professional athletes.

     As you can tell after reading this article, it takes a lot of grit and effort to make it to the pro level. You need to be great at your sport, have an open mind to improve, and put in the hard work. Many, many factors go into becoming a great professional athlete and in this article we just scratched the surface of everything that you would have to do to become one. After all, you will need to spend hours a day training your body, mind, and game. Finally if you want to perfect your game you will need to play against some of the best athletes in your age group all throughout elementary school, high school, and college. These are just some ways you will need to become one of the best athletes and perfect your game.

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