Social Media- Just for Fun or Dangerous?


 Do you have social media? If you answered yes, you might want to rethink having any social media app such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and more. Some teens only use social media for fun things like posting photos, talking to friends, or doing something as simple as just checking what someone else is doing, but it can also be used negatively. Social media can be fun, but there are many things that can be caused because of spending to much time on your phone: such as depression, anxiety, cyber bullying, low self esteem, and many other things. Some teens spend up to 9 hours a day on social media alone.  Here are some of the pros and cons of social media.

Social media can be very fun for many teens and young adults. There can be many pros with social media. It can be a place to share what you’re doing in the day by posting a photo or adding something to your story. Many people love going on social media because it is a enjoyable way to connect with friends and share what your doing with followers. Many trends start on things like social media and many people love sharing about them. If you go on the Instagram search page, it suggests many things that you might be interested in and things that could be new trends or trending. Many influencers that are on social media tend to have many followers which could lead to people watching their videos or even do something as simple as liking a photo. Social media can be a place where someone can express themselves to everyone that follows them or if your public anyone.

Both teens and adults have problems with social media. Whether it’s something like a privacy issue, or something to do with being bullied. Let’s face it most people are public on social media, meaning that anyone can access your account and see things like what you have posted, who you’re following , and on some apps even the posts you have liked! This is a serious issue, and especially for younger users, because many accounts get hacked and people can find information about the person, and pretend to be someone that they aren’t, to track them down. Some people have even gotten killed  because of social media whether it was because of someone finding them and meeting up, or because of things like bullies who can cause suicide. There are many stories about kids who get hacked and people posting embarrassing images of them. This can make them feel extremely sad while other people are bullying them. A mom of a 16 year old boy states that, ”My sixteen year old son was cyber bullied on Facebook over a period of 8 hours. The event was so traumatic it caused my son to have an acute psychotic break and to be hospitalized in an adolescent psychiatric ward for almost a month. He is changed forever and will never be the same mentally. Internet bullying can hurt and affect people and kids need to know this.“  This information is very sad and is happening to many teens on social media, sometimes it can be even worse leading to suicide. Luckily this boy survived be as his mom states ”He will never be the same again”.

Social media can be a fun place to go to, but it can also be very dangerous.   I personally go to social media when i am bored or need something to do, but there have been multiple situations where people posted mean comments on my post and I felt sad about it and wanted to take it down.  When you are on social media you have to be cautious of what you post and who you follow. Many people have gotten hacked and some people have even been bullied so frequently that they kill themselves or thought about it. No kid should have to go through that! People feel the need to only post photos that they look “good in” so people will compliment them. Today, lots of people use Photoshop on their photos because they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Because of these reasons social media can have good and bad effects on teens.

To prove that social media is dangerous for many teens and adults , we surveyed 30 students in our school to see the following: Do you use social media?, On average how long do you use it?, Have you ever gotten cyber-bullied?, and what social media platform do you use?

  • We discovered that 31 students that we surveyed said they had social media, and 4 students don’t use it at all.
  • 20 students said that they use social media 1-2 hours a day.
  • 8 students said they use it 3-4 hours a day.
  • 3 student said they used it 5-6 hours a day.
  • When we asked how many people had been cyber bullied 10 out the 35 students we surveyed said they have been cyber bullied.
  • We also asked what was the most frequently used social media app and 13 people said YouTube, 2 people said Twitter, 8 people said Snapchat, and people chose 8  Instagram. With these statistics we have found out that many people use social media and have had a hard time while using the app.


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