Airpods: Here to Stay or Just a Trend?

Airpods: Here to Stay or Just a Trend?



You’re walking down the street and pass this big billboard that shows a person wearing Apple earbuds with no wires. Above the illustration, says   Airpods in large, bold letters. Then you start to notice that everywhere, people are wearing them; riding bikes, going to work, driving, and even construction workers. Then all of a sudden your niece has Airpods, then your wife, then all of your family and friends. You make the choice buy some for yourself, but before you buy them you wonder are Airpods here to stay, or just a trend.


The price of Airpods is somewhat worth it for, Apple Airpods were released to the public on December, 13, 2016. What your getting. They are wireless, which means that they die but only after a while. You can get up to 5 hours of listening time, and 2 hours of talk time. With only a short 15 minute charge, you can get back up to 3 hours of listening! The distance of when they connect and disconnect is affected by what’s around you. If you’re using them inside a house, then you can get 20-30 feet, but if you have good connection in an empty area, you can get over 40 feet according to an airpod user.

We interviewed Mark, an Airpod owner. Mark says, “Ever since I got Airpods, they are something more convenient and they do not get tangled in the annoying wires that come with the normal earbuds.”. We also interviewed Lucas, and he says that they’re easier to lose, and doesn’t like when they die, but are much more convenient than other earbuds, and he say that likes them much more. We also interviewed Gianna, and she said that she loves her Airpods so much, and that she no longer has the wire of normal earbuds catching onto things. We did one last interview with Kate, and she said that she like Airpods, but wishes that the Bluetooth would connect to different things such as her Nintendo Switch or when she is on a plane. She likes the fast charging speed, but does not like how fast they die.

Though there are still many good things about Airpods, there are also very many bad things about them too. One of these bad things is that because they are wireless, that means that they can die. The battery life is around 5 hours of just listening to things, such as music or watching a video, but it has a much shorter two hours of talk time. Or if you like to have long phone calls or to Facetime with your friends, then you might need to charge them once or twice while talking to them. You can use the ‘Find My Phone’ app to try and find it, but sometimes it’s hard to hear the ringing noise from another room, or if the room you’re in is already loud, then it’s almost impossible to hear.


Overall, Airpods are expensive for the small wireless item that you’re getting, but you’re getting wireless earbuds, long lasting battery life, a quick small and easy charger. The bad side is that they are hard to lose and you must deal with charging you Airpods. But most people enjoy Airpods, even though all of the bad things that might happen while using them. You think to yourself, are Airpods here to stay, or are they just a trend?