Ring! Ring! It’s Ms.Bell.

You walk into the classroom it has a workshop, a room for laser cutters called CNC, and the smell of coffee, you’re in the wonderful Ms. Bell’s room. Her class is full of fun activities like building cars, using a laser cutter, Photoshop, and so much more! She has been at Hermosa Valley for only six months, in total she’s taught eight and a half years and she is a very well-liked teacher. You might have seen Ms.Bell with her short, always perfect hair, her petite figure, a coffee in hand and a beautiful smile. She teaches seventh and eighth grade STEAM classes and eighth-grade robotics where you will use machines and more in her class. Every seventh grader this year has Ms. Bell for STEAM, and gets to experience her amazing class and learn new things every day. Everyone has a blast in her class and we’re sure you will too, maybe doing some rockets!

We wrote this article because she is different from the other teachers. She’s not your typical teacher that sits at a desk, gives boring lectures. She does more hands-on activities. Ms.Bell will always help you if you have a problem.

Ms. Bell is one of our favorite teachers because of her fantastic personality and her very interesting and cool class. Mrs. Bell is funny, sweet and overall a great teacher. She uses very fun programs like Scratch, Khan Academy, and Codesters where you can make animations, games and more. These programs help her teach us coding in a more interesting way. When doing these projects the possibilities are endless. After you finish coding your project, you get to share it with the class; then you get laughs, comments, and compliments on your projects! Ms. Bell has an amazing class that you won’t forget!

Ms. Bell grew up in Clovis by Fresno, California. As a child, she enjoyed reading and doing math. Even though she loves teaching STEAM, she has always had a love for math; Ms. Bell might teach a math class next year and we are all excited to possibly have another period with her. She went to Fresno State University in California, New Mexico, and Dominguez Hills College. Ms. Bell has lived in New Mexico for seven years, Virginia for twenty-one years, and Hermosa Beach for twenty-two years! Her family is made up of her husband; her daughter Megan, who is twenty-one; and her son Zach who is eighteen. Ms. Bell’s husband is an Aerospace engineer, making her family moved quite often. If you don’t know an aerospace engineer is an engineer who deals with the design, development, testing, production of air and spacecraft. If Ms. Bell has a question about engineering or coding she can go ask her husband!

Her son, Zach, also has an interest for coding. You could say STEAM genes run in the family! Ms. Bell is currently getting her degree in math, so she can hopefully teach next year.  Ms. Bell enjoys reading, biking, cooking, and being with her family. If you want to spend more time with the lovely Ms. Bell, or even meet her, she has a club on Tuesdays during lunch called Makerspace. Makerspace is very popular and packed. There she will teach you the things you do regularly in her class and even more. For example, you can learn how to make a car out of a wood block using the wood shop, code on different programs, use the CNC machine making a nightlight, or even make a custom necklace. But don’t get in trouble because you will see her at detention!