Strangest Hotels in North America


When you think of staying at a hotel, do you think of waking up in a cave? Maybe even a prison? Well, surprisingly there is many hotels just as weird as those in North America. In these hotels you could stay in rooms that are caves and even tepees! Many of these hotels have beautiful views, give you the experience to become closer with the people you are staying with, and make your hotel experience much more entertaining. Even best, most of these rooms are pretty affordable! If you haven’t checked out some of these hotels, you definitely should!

One hotel that is pretty strange is the Liberty Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. This hotel you are allowed to stay in a luxury prison for only $295 a night! From the outside it looks just like a normal hotel. As you get inside the first thing you would notice about your room is it has bars for your doors, just like an old time cell, but when the Charles Street jail, a national historic landmark, and it was built in 1851, and it was you walk into your room you see how magnificent it really is. The old jail was called rebuilt to be livable for any person needing a hotel. In your room you get a beautiful view of the city of Boston. This hotel may be a little pricey but it definitely would be worth the stay.

Another hotel that may even be stranger than that is called the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Arkansas. At this hotel you are able to stay in a cave! Placed in a natural cavern, high in the mountains overlooking the valley, Beckham Creek Cave is unlike any other place on Earth. It is comfortable and luxurious to live in and is over 260-acres wide of private land, offering you total peace and quiet. Most of the caves they offer you are 6,000 feet wide. The hotel room walls are made of rock and there is a natural waterfall in the center of the main room. This lets you feel close to nature right in your room while making sure you are comfortable at the same time.

Have you ever thought about how our ancestors lived? This hotel, Wigwam Village No. 2, will let you stay in a tepee.  You could get the experience of walking up in the morning just like the Native Americans did. Their website says that it is the most unique hotel in all of Kentucky, and it will be an experience you will never forget. There are five more that were built over America in places such as Alabama, Florida, New Orleans, California, and Arizona. The first intent of building this hotel was to bring together old-time neighbors. Then they realized that they could take it somewhere and changed it to attract all people as well. Unlike the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge this hotel has a very small area.Sadly, you do have to share bathrooms with all of the other guests at the hotel. The reason for this was because they wanted to make the people staying at the hotel feel as close to their neighbors as possible.

Another hotel in Oregon is the Heceta Head Lighthouse. This is a weird place to stay, but it is gorgeous! You have the opportunity to stay here, but you also could have special parties and events here. You get to wake up right on the beach! Your hotel room is quite small but the view you get makes up for it.  Your hotel room consists of a hand made stair case and unique antique furnishings. Your hotel is underneath the actual lighthouse light, but if you stay there you get to take a tour at midnight of the actually light above you. Inside the lighthouse This lighthouse is the brightest one in Oregon. Year round the Heceta Head Light station is perfect for the adventurous traveler.


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Many places across North America have some strange and wacky hotels. Some hotels even give you the experience of staying in a cave, or waking up on the beautiful beach. Yes, some hotels may be pricey, but in the long run, it could be the experience of a lifetime. You should definitely check out these hotels someday soon.